How is Tribal Trap Making Money Online

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for those who want to share their skills online. It provides a handsome amount of money depending on the number of views, subscribers, likes, comments, and shares that videos receive. But not everyone becomes a YouTube phenomenon overnight. Sometimes, it takes years for artists to come into the limelight. And that makes the job more difficult for musicians who want to share their creativity with the world. 

While YouTube and Soundcloud are two of the biggest music streaming platforms available, making it to the top is no joke. And to maintain the pole position consistently is even more challenging. While many labels and brands are screaming to get attention from the audience but fail to do so, Tribal Trap is a platform that managed to gain attention with much success. 

The advent of Tribal Trap & Tribal Music Group

Stan Wittenberg, a Dutch entrepreneur, is the main person behind Tribal Music Group. He started a YouTube channel, WhiteKnife, back in 2013. His channel, showcasing new trap music in weekly mixes, hit well over 300,000 subscribers in just a few years. Many artists started sending him exclusive music to premiere and feature in these mixes, which gave rise to the idea of starting a record label called Tribal Trap in early 2014. 

With a continual drive to improve and grow, Wittenberg wanted to further expand the now well established record label, adding more and more brands to the massive network. Tribal Music Group was formed in 2019, and it’s labels have since gained a huge presence on YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify. The label group is reported to reach over 1 million listeners each day, and is contracted to collect streaming royalties for hundreds of artists worldwide. 

How is Tribal Trap helping different artists?

Suppose you are good at pottery, but you can’t showcase your skills because there is no one around. Your friend is a good baker. But he also can’t showcase his skills because of the lack of an audience. Similarly, a relative of yours is good at painting but can’t sell her work because she doesn’t have the right platform.

Then, one day, a person comes who appreciates these skills and tells you that you can use his name to showcase your skills and make money. You and the others grab the opportunity with both hands. The same thing is happening with Tribal Trap.

Tribal Music Group is a collection of record labels that artists can sign music to, to then have the popular channels and brands post and promote their music and make money through streaming services like Soundcloud and YouTube, by leveraging their huge amounts of fans. It already has some popular labels under its belt, such as F*ck Genres, Cruise Ctrl, Trap Music Movement, Diverge,, and, of course, Tribal Trap. 

The labels that are part of Tribal Music Group have risen to prominence, and music from the company has been featured on many notable shows and platforms such as League of Legends, NBC, So You Think You Can Dance, DJ Mag, Trap Nation, Facebook Watch, Rolling Stone, TrapMusicHDTV, and Les Mills, according to their website.  

What started as a one-person channel is now a collection of labels with a roster of hundreds of artists. It is allowing artists to make money using their skills that they would otherwise take years to earn if they didn’t get the support of Tribal Music Group.

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