How Jazmyne Robbins Is Helping The Black Community Live Longer, Happier, And Healthier Lives Today

COVID-19 took the world by storm. It’s a pandemic like we’ve never seen before, and it’s locked most of the planet down. 

However, another pandemic has been plaguing the world for decades now; the tragic lack of health education within the black community. Over the years, it’s contributed to chronic pain, ill health and premature death on a massive scale and if there’s one person who knows this more than any, it’s Jazmyne Robbins. Hailing from Lakewood, Washington, she’s the Co-Founder of Infinite Age Co, a supplement company dedicated to using exclusively pure, all-natural ingredients in their health-promoting (potentially life-changing) products. 

You see, Jazmyne is driven everyday by her mission to give the black community the knowledge they need to start living happier, healthier lives free from pain, suffering and ultimately, an early grave. However, this mission was born out of her own story: 

As a child, Jazmyne was overweight and unhealthy. A highly processed, soul-food rich diet ramped up her caloric intake day after day, causing her to pile on the pounds, fast. After realizing something had to change, she decided enough was enough. And, after 7 years of learning and trial and error, she became a vegan and detoxified from Big Food and Big Pharma, leaving both behind. Before long, she had a newer, healthier way of living down to a science, and was able to torch 23 lbs. in just two short months. It wasn’t long after that she realized her rapid weight gain boiled down to a lack of education when it came to health and nutrition – and that this was widespread across the black community.

It was this realization that gave birth to her mission – to help members of her community live longer, pain-free lives, rich in joy and health. You can find Jazmyne in her private Facebook group Natural & Holistic Living, where you’ll have immediate access to her, her weight loss methodology, and a group of like-minded people all looking to improve their health. You can also find her on YouTube, where she posts valuable, actionable advice for living a happier, healthier life. 

And for her company, Infinite Age Co, you can visit There, you’ll discover a fantastic range of all-natural, FDA-approved – and not to mention value for money – products designed to help you experience a healthier existence.

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