How Jeff Yauck Is Bringing Transparency to the CBD Industry

The CBD industry is one of the nation’s newest booming markets; with an unprecedented 700% growth since last year, the industry is reaching for the skies and beyond. With providers like PureKana in the industry, there’s no shortage of high-quality CBD products available – but what makes Jeff Yauck, the co-founder of PureKana, different from other providers? One word: transparency. 

CBD’s History 

Historically, the CBD industry has been severely limited due to certain legislation making both marijuana and hemp illegal. In fact, the two have been listed in The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 as a Schedule I drug (same category as heroin and LSD) since the legislation passed over 40 years ago. With such legislation in place, the production and distribution of CBD and hemp-based products has been greatly inhibited for decades. 

While certain states have legalized marijuana and hemp products on a state level, the two cousin plants were still prohibited on a federal level until last year, making it somewhat risky to cultivate and produce hemp-based or THC-infused products. 

While marijuana still remains categorized a Schedule I drug on the federal level despite several states legalizing its medical and recreational use, hemp was recently removed from the Controlled Substances Act with 2018’s Farm Bill. With the removal of such prohibiting legislation, the CBD industry has exploded, from nearly $200 million in sales in 2016 to nearly $5 billion this year alone (that’s a 700% increase from last year’s numbers). 

Jeff Yauck and PureKana

The Scottsdale, Arizona-based company PureKana produces some of the nation’s highest-quality CBD products available on the web. With an approach to CBD that truly sets the company apart from the competition, PureKana is the premier provider of CBD products on the market. 

Jeff Yauck, the company’s co-founder, warns consumers against the industry’s “bad actors”, which bring less-than-perfect products to the market. Yauck prefers a different approach to CBD products, focused mainly on transparency and quality that you won’t find anywhere else. 

In an interview with Forbes, Yauck stated, 

“You see a lot of companies coming out with bunk product. It’s bad for the industry and bad for people. Despite what these people think they learned on the black market, anything involving agriculture is never a quick cash grab.”

A Different Approach

If you navigate to, you’ll find that it’s full of information on CBD, its origins, how PureKana sources its CBD, and more. This level of transparency is something you won’t find with its “quick-cash-grab” competitors, who merely want a piece of the ever-growing pie that is the CBD industry. 

Whether you’re interested in topicals or oils and capsules, the company offers a full lineup for every taste, and everything PureKana offers is guaranteed to be derived from the highest-quality industrial hemp. 

Yauck hopes to see future regulations that prevent companies from producing CBD products that fall below specific standards. While the industry is still in its infancy, with its enormous growth and potential for expansion, there are bound to be hundreds more startups trying to get a piece of the action, and not necessarily following such stringent guidelines as PureKana. 

Where is CBD Headed?

With the unprecedented growth of the CBD industry, experts predict incredible growth in the coming years, with some estimates suggesting the industry to be worth around $22 billion in the coming years. Motley Fool suggests a growth of about 107% annually through 2023, making it one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Cannabis only boasts about a 25% per year growth rate, making CBD an industry to keep an eye on. 

Investors all over the world are in a mad rush to get a piece of the CBD industry, and this is where product pollution occurs. Not every startup is truly focused on high-quality products, as Yauck warned. With so much noise in the industry, it can be difficult to show consumers which companies are worthy of their hard-earned money. 

Transparency and quality are what set Pure Kana and other high-quality CBD producers apart from the rabble of the competition. If you’re interested in CBD products, the first thing you need to do is perform adequate research on the company you’re interested in buying from. Be sure the company has a reputation for quality, and its sourcing methods are transparent and easily accessible. 

The Bottom Line 

While CBD may be booming, that doesn’t mean that every provider is in the industry for the benefit of the customer. Be wary of companies that don’t offer a transparent view of their production and cultivation methods, and be sure that you’re performing adequate research on the brands you’re choosing before you make a purchase. 

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