How Kelsea and Cole Moscatel Turned Their Luxury Lifestyle Brand Into a Money-Making Empire

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you won’t forget them now. Extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs and American media personalities Cole and Kelsea Moscatel are living proof that young couples can have and do it all. The brilliant entrepreneurial spirits of the married couple came together and started a luxury lifestyle brand that has now turned into a global, exclusive empire.

As the co-founders of Snob World, Cole and Kelsea knew that they had something special with the brand from its inception. What started as a luxury lifestyle site has now turned into an entity that provides so much more than just insight into the exclusive world of money and fame.

Today, Snob World has multiple sectors of its company that all specialize in catering to the extravagant requests of its clients. Specifically, its branch Snob Concierge is the most elite concierge service worldwide. From the one-percenters to the celebrities, Snob Concierge services its clients experiences that not even money can give you access to. Snob Concierge has some of the utmost high-profile connections around the world, which enable the concierge service to provide its clients access to a wide variety of opportunities. Whether it’s luxurious traveling, a piece of coveted art, exclusive red carpet events, or anything else of that level, Snob Concierge is the one and only concierge service that can provide its clients with such exclusive experiences.

​Aside from their mass success with Snob Concierge, Cole and Kelsea were able to open up a health sector for Snob World as well called Snob Health. Snob Health provides in-home beauty, health, and wellness services with the best of the best doctors, nurses, and treatments.

Additionally, Cole and Kelsea have just announced the upcoming launch of their Snob Collection fashion line which will feature streetwear-style clothing and other merchandise. Let’s not forget to mention that, on top of all the branches of Snob World, Cole and Kelsea have their own reality show, The Moscatels: A Family Full of Luxury, Love and Drama! This is streaming on Snob World’s website and YouTube channel.

There really is nothing that this power couple cannot accomplish–and they are only just getting started! Snob World’s unparalleled success goes to show that creativity, dedication, and extreme hard work leave you with incredible results. This is just the beginning of Cole and Kelsea’s careers, and the best is yet to come.

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