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How Kendall Joshua aka KJTheRevolution Goes Above and Beyond Her Music Platform

She is an example of originality and creative branding tactics for musicians.

New York artist hip-hop artist Kendall Joshua, aka KJTheRevolution, has built an impressive local and online following surrounding her refreshingly real and topical tracks. Her fans have grown to love the lyrically-driven tracks that Joshua releases, touching important topics such as mental health and being optimistic towards the younger generation.

Spending many years of her life dialing in her craft, Joshua brings in elements from many different genres to form a uniquely original sound. Packed with poetic lyricism and intriguing instrumentals, Joshua’s music has always been the primary staple of her branding; however, recently, the young talent has taken a step in a new direction.

Wanting to provide more than just music for her fans, Joshua has released a clothing line called “F.E.A.R. is Nothing but the Atmosphere.” Joshua explains that she created the acronym F.E.A.R. from “Fire, Earth, Air, and River.” Joshua has always had a fascination with the English language and looking at it in new ways. She has incorporated this in her music and social media presence, for example, flipping the word “fear” into an acronym representing nature – taking a disturbing emotion and morphing it into the beauty of nature.

Explaining her clothing line further, Joshua said, “We live under the Fire (sun,) we walk on the Earth, we breathe the Air, and drink from the River (Water). Fire, Earth, Air, and River is what it stands for, and my audience favors this idea, hence liking my clothing. Since [these ideas] are in my music, I also transcend it to my clothing line.” 

Joshua uses her views on the English language to inspire her fans and followers. This is one of the ways Joshua goes above and beyond to make her fans feel something emotionally. Referring to a quote from Maya Angelou, Joshua told us, “People may forget what you said, or even what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. What type of experience are you giving your fans?”

Joshua continues to push creative branding ideas and develop not only her branding but also develop her relationship with fans and followers in the process. So far, Joshua’s creative ideologies have helped her grow an immense amount on social media and streaming platforms for her music.

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