How Lewis Raymond Taylor Went From A Convicted Criminal to a Coach

Lewis Raymond Taylor could easily be mistaken for your average tourist, yet he’s been listed in the top 5 coaches in the world by yahoo finance. The business he founded, The Coaching Masters, is known for disrupting the coaching industry, by bringing thousands of, what they call, a ‘new age breed of coach’ into the coaching world. They are much younger than the typical demographic of a coach, and also leverage the internet to acquire clients and work-remotely as online coaches. Many members of The Coaching Masters are full-time world travellers, working from their laptop, earning an income from their coaching sessions and help make the world a better place whilst doing it! It’s an amazing opportunity for people in 2020 and it’s no surprise The Coaching Masters blew up so quickly and took the industry by storm.

Lewis shares how it was his personal experience of real-life transformation that allowed him to get a deep insight into what people really needed and how to change their lives and other people’s lives, quickly. Lewis isn’t one of those coaches who tell people what to do, but don’t understand what it’s like for themselves. Just five years ago, Lewis was serving his third jail sentence. He had periously suffered with trauma, addiction, sexual abuse, mental health and even once attempted suicide. Lewis had been met with many challenges over the last decade and found himself in a prison cell, asking “Why me”, – until he realized that he needed to change himself, and stop blaming everything and everyone around him. He made a decision to take responsibility for his life, and that one decision changed the shape of his future.

 When he found himself asking why life seemed so hard, he realised that if he changed his perspective, it wouldn just change his own life, but he could also help change the world. He had to speak with therapists, work with counselors, psychiatrists, read tons of books, move away from his old life, admit himself into a rehab center, and attend addiction recovery every day for a long time in order to fight his demons. Yet through all this intense treatment, he came out healed, transformed, and self discovered.

Lewis learned that if you change your perspective, you can change your life. Remember those images they would show you in elementary school, asking you to say what you see? If you look at the picture one way, it’s a terrible image, if you look at it another, it’s quite a delightful one. Lewis realized that his challenges in life were only there to teach him lessons and allow him to then use those lessons to help others. Through this journey, Lewis went on to cure his mental illness, get clean and sober, become a Serial Entrepreneur, Senior Accredited Trainer & International Speaker, CEO of The Coaching Masters, has over 100K followers on social media (@lewisraymondtaylor), and leads a tribe of thousands of coaches towards a life of freedom.

Lewis is the epitome of what we all hope to achieve in our own lives. We want to take the darkness of our reality and turn in into meaningful, light and purpose. 

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