How Marcus Blandin Helped Deserving Students Secure Scholarships Worth Millions of Dollars

Higher education should be attainable for anyone willing to work hard enough for it. Unfortunately, degrees come with a high price tag putting them out of reach for many deserving individuals. While the price of college continues to skyrocket, many entrepreneurs and philanthropists are working hard to step in providing financial assistance to the best and brightest in our communities. Marcus Blandin, business coach and the founder of Millionaires International, has helped aspiring graduates secure millions of dollars in scholarships.

Born in Greenville, SC, Marcus holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree and understands the importance of higher education. “I believe in the power of a good education,” says Blandin. “It helps open the door to a brighter and better future for all of us.”

A​ business coach and expert on personal wealth, Blandin realized that degrees were out of reach for too many due to their exorbitant price tags and crushing debt. “It’s insane that we are asking young people to saddle themselves with debt just to get a decent shot in life,” states Blandin. “How can you start on the right foot if you are already behind financially?” With that question in mind, Blandin launched multiple programs serving as a board member for non-profits promoting financial literacy.

“​It is so important that our young people have access to bright academic and financial futures,” explains Blandin. “It’s up to us as entrepreneurs to build organizations that make that happen.” To date, Blandin has helped over 50 students achieve over $3 million in scholarships getting them into universities nationwide.

Blandin’ work isn’t done, and he feels more motivated now than ever. “When it comes to education, some of our communities are left out to dry, and that’s not fair,” states Blandin. “To me, this is about doing the right thing. When we all do better, we rise together.” With his expertise in finance and commitment to bettering the community, Blandin is helping set young people up for success one degree at a time.

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