How Medical Student Cameron Ghassemi Manages a Fitness Company on the Side

For most medical students, keeping up with the pressures of college alone is a demanding ask. Studying medicine is a life-changing decision that will take somewhere between four to seven years to complete, leaving little room for other endeavours. But third year medical student Cameron Ghassemi is one of the exceptions, having established his own fitness company on the side while pursuing his degree.

Fitlifeadvice LLC was built on the premise of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Beginning the company in 2015, Ghassemi has not only maintained it since, but also has his own apparel associated with it. 

However his passion for health and fitness originated from somewhat darker beginnings. Ghassemi suffered with low self-esteem from a young age due to being overweight. “It was difficult to build up my self-esteem when I could neither accept my appearance mentally nor physically,” he explains.

The turning point came when he couldn’t complete any fitness tests at gym class. “I was embarrassed, ashamed, and ridiculed by my peers,” he explains. After many more “humiliating incidents,” he began working out and dieting, dropping 52 lbs. in just six months. 

He soon discovered that this attitude towards food and exercise had led to an eating disorder, which he later found out was due to body dysmorphia. Even after the realization that he had developed an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise, it took over a year before something really clicked. With the help of family, friends and professionals, he was able to recover and eventually turn his life around.

This experience inspired him to study to be a personal trainer in the summer before his sophomore year. “As a personal trainer, I wanted to share my story while being an example and mentor to others,” he explains. The way to achieve this goal was establishing Fitlifeadvice LLC. The company is a way for him to share his experiences, give fitness advice, and inspire others through motivational videos. “My experiences as a personal trainer have given me valuable interpersonal skills and the ability to administer client-specific training programs,” he says.

Ghassemi has mentored and trained many people across the country, providing online customized programs that are geared towards individuals and their lifestyle. He’s even worked with an over 65 community in Florida, sharing how to stay active without gym equipment. 

Working as a personal trainer while also studying medicine makes him uniquely qualified to offer expert advice. He discusses the benefits of holistic health, as well as mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. He also offers free advice to colleagues who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle – especially in medical school where finding the time is tough.

Using social media, including TikTok, he provides information about healthy living, preventative medicine, and even entertainment videos promoting a healthy lifestyle. Med school may be one of the hardest things people will go through, but Cameron Ghassemi is doing it while managing a business on the side, all with a smile on his face.

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