Melanie Avalon

How Melanie Avalon Aims To Establish Sustainable Biohacking

According to top podcaster and biohacker Melanie Avalon, adopting a food-focused healthy lifestyle should not necessarily be the end game: we should also aim to make sure that our choices are sustainable. A sustainable diet contains the vital nutrients our bodies need to thrive, while also maintaining a low environmental impact, so that not only we, but future generations can maintain a nutritious lifestyle. 

As an established health influencer with a trusting audience, Melanie Avalon aims to associate her biohacking lifestyle with the preservation of the environment and sustainability. She believes that before consuming any meal, individuals should thoroughly do their research and evaluate their food producers. The reason being, whatever we eat not only fuels our bodies with energy, but contributes the building blocks for all of the cells forming the foundation of our body. Importantly, Melanie wants to assure that her audience consumes the most compatible and nontoxic source material possible. 

While the current zeitgeist supports vegan diets for the optimal sustainable lifestyle, Melanie has found that the products often used in conventional vegan products actually conflict with the principle of sustainability. Such processed food systems – even if vegan –  may actually contribute to the depletion of energy sources and add to the carbon footprint. These issues support Melanie’s passion for regenerative agriculture: consuming plants and animals which helps restore the soil, maximize nutrition per dollar, and minimize toxic substances harming the planet. To achieve this goal, she suggests using services that directly connect consumers to sustainable farmers, like Butcher Box or Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative. Choosing these services will not only provide fresh environmentally-friendly food to consume, but also help save money by eliminating the cost of the middleman. Hence, regenerative agriculture enables an individual to practice a healthy lifestyle, while working towards achieving maximum sustainability.

Lastly, a healthy lifestyle not only focuses on what we consume, but also looks at our hygiene. As Melanie states, “I believe cleaning up your skincare and makeup is vital for health, as there is almost no regulation of skincare in the US.” Using excessive conventional skincare and makeup products with harsh chemicals can disrupt health, as their endocrine disruptors mess with our hormones. These endocrine disruptors also include obesogens, which cause our bodies to gain weight, and even carcinogens, which are linked to cancer. While Europe has banned thousands of toxic compounds from skincare and makeup, the US has banned only around a dozen. Avoiding such chemical-intensive products is a key part of Melanie Avalon’s approach towards achieving her health goals.

Together with these sustainable approaches, Melanie believes that any individual can establish a successful and sustainable biohacking lifestyle, with the importance lying in one’s character. As she states, “I believe passion, intelligence, honesty, and kindness is key for success in any endeavor.”

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