How Michael and David Ligon Changed the Game of Real Estate Investing Forever

In the spring of 2020 the world was plagued by a global pandemic. Many Companies had to lock down and find new and creative ways to conduct business. This was no different for the field of real estate investing. Michael and David Ligon, collectively known as The Ligon Brothers are real estate investors, authors and award-winning real estate coaches. Their best known for a developing a unique method of real estate investing called LYNK Wholesaling. They too were faced with mandatory lock downs and had to pivot there business model in order to survive the global effect the corona virus had on businesses. Luckily for them, the LYNK real estate system that they developed is a completely virtual method of investing. They were not only able to continue investing they were able to thrive. 2020 would go on to be one of their most profitable years, and here’s how they did it.

What is LYNK Wholesaling?

LYNK Wholesaling is a virtual real estate investing method. The Ligon Brothers created this method by studying one the World largest and most profitable businesses Amazon. When Amazon first started out, they didn’t start with their own inventory. They started out with other people products, books initially. They simply used other people’s inventory and connected the products with buyers. By acting as the link between the seller and the buyer Amazon was able to scale without the need for any of their own inventory. This was an excellent business model that the Ligon Brothers broke down and mirrored for the basis for LYNK Wholesaling.

How does LYNK Wholesaling Work?

The Ligon Brothers took the Amazon business blueprint and applied it to real estate investing. They searched and found other real estate investors that had inventory to sell and created partnerships. Just like Amazon did with their books and products. Then they used their experience and expertise to create a huge cash buyers list to sell the inventory to, just like Amazon did for their sellers. Since this system is one hundred percent virtual, they were able to LYNK deals all over the nation. This resulted in a massive increase in revenue.

Who can use the LYNK Wholesaling System?

Simply put; anyone. The true beauty of this system is that it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere. The LYNK Wholesaling system is a virtual real estate investing method. So no matter where you live in the nation, you can use it. You also do not have to be a seasoned real estate investor to LYNK deals. With this method you are acting as the link between a seller and a buyer, so you don’t need any prior real estate investing experience to make the connection.

This system is one of the only ways to begin a real estate investing career with no experience and zero out of pocket expenses. Since you are LYNK’ing the deal between two other parties, you are not closing or funding the transaction. You get paid for making the LYNK. So essentially anyone can become a LYNK Wholesaler, all you need is a laptop, cell phone and internet connection.

The Ligon Brothers recommend that before you attempt to LYNK a deal that you become familiar with real estate terms, document and agreements that are used in your focus area. You don’t need to be an investor to LYNK a deal, but you should always strive to be a professional in any business venture you embark on. This means doing some research and understanding the lingo, you want to be viewed as a pier. In any business you’re goal is to build long lasting connections and partnerships. The best way to accomplish this is to always be professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

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