How Olive Tree Therapy Is Replacing H2O as Base to Heal All Skin Types

OLIVEDAOlive Tree Therapy and holistic cosmetics was developed in an Andalusian treehouse and olive grove. In the past 60 years, skin allergies and diseases have increased by over 600%, due to products’ incompatibility with certain skin types. Due to the globally unique composition of emulsions, OLIVEDA works with nature to intuitively recognize the individual texture and needs of the skin to actively regenerate and balance it. 

Founder Thomas Lommel founded the company after successfully treating himself with the power of an olive tree and developed the magical elixir from the olive leaf, thus, Olive Tree Therapy – the Mediterranean Ayurveda was born. The root of the product focuses on the composition of cosmetics, and he found that the formulations of conventional creams contain up to 70% water, which don’t work for all skin types. On a mission to replace the 70% water phase in creams with the highly effective antioxidant essence of the olive leaf, it’s no wonder the olive tree lives up to 4,000 years with maximum vitality. 

He says, ”A serious illness that could not be cured by conventional medication made me rethink my life and treat myself with the power of the olive trees and I was completely regenerated after 6 months. I studied the energy and healing power of olive trees, without knowing how I could exist with them. During one of my trips to the olive trees in Apulia, I discovered the green cell elixir extracted from the olive leaves and its enormous potency, which contains valuable antioxidants and polyphenols, such as the highly effective hydroxytyrosol in up to 3,000 times higher concentration, keeping the cells of the olive tree alive for over 4,000 years with maximum vitality.”

Thomas bought his first small olive grove with 120 mountain olive trees and built a treehouse, where he developed the first OLIVEDA product, the I01, the Olive Tree Therapy and Olive Tree Meditation to share strength and happiness with others. The “Olive Tree People” are creating ancient recipes based on earthen wisdom and the pure, vital force of mountain olive trees, with a mission to build an “Olive Tree Society” – a community, which, like the olive tree, is a symbol for life, love and peace.

Today, Thomas Lommel owns more than 30.000 olive trees on more than 1 million square meters of olive groves. In these groves OLIVEDA is protecting overgrown, hundred-year-old mountain olive trees, cultivating the trees, and certifying them to the highest organic certification standards – which made him the biggest nature conservationist in this area. 

These trees are providing oxygen for thousands of people, protecting the soil from erosion, contributing to biodiversity, and providing a world-class “extra virgin olive oil.” OLIVE TREE products rely holistically, inside and outside, on the strength and intuition of nature. All skincare products are suitable for every skin type and every desired effect, because they orient on the needs of the user.

OLIVEDA is the first company in the world to be able to transfer the energy and holistic effectiveness of wild cannabis plants and wild-growing mountain olive trees to people in real-time. Therefore, they invented special high-tech devices that made it possible to connect the plants with the internet and send their power and wisdoms to people all over the world. 

They developed a bioactive CBD bracelet and High-Tech Cosmetic Devices, which use the frequencies to convey active ingredients into the skin more effectively. Their airpods make it possible to enjoy Olive Tree Therapy between phone calls. Currently the company is also developing water and air filters where air and drinking water can be energized by the frequencies of cannabis and olive trees. 

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