How Profi is Helping Knowledge Entrepreneurs Expand and Grow

Altruistic and innovative, Los Angeles-based startup Profiis on a mission to help professional service providers and other knowledge entrepreneurs realize their full potential and maximize their impact. Dubbed by some as the original creators, coaches, consultants, trainers and therapists have been in the business of sharing knowledge and wisdom for decades.

Whether by way of classes, seminars or one-on-one sessions, these dedicated professionals traditionally spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year on travel, office space, program development, event production and more. But according to Profi founder and CEO Alina Trigubenko, those timesucks and expenses are a thing of the past.

“Before developing Profi, many of us on the team were coaches, consultants, trainers and therapists ourselves,” she said. “And one of the most frustrating things for many of us was that as our practices grew, we had less time available to work with clients. We knew there had to be a better way, and that’s when we created Profi.”

One Platform for Professional Services

Simply stated, Profi is an innovative, easy-to-use cloud-based platform for professional service providers that enables them to increase revenue and reduce costs through optimized service delivery, improved client engagement and automated business processes.

And one of the things that sets Profi apart from others in the space is that the platform is agile and can flexibly scale as a service provider’s business and team grows. By automating cumbersome administrative tasks, Profi’splatform allows busy professionals to focus more of their time on providing outstanding client services and growing their business. 

“Before Profi, to digitally transform their practices, solopreneurs and professional service firms had to cobble together dozens of tools or spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on custom solutions,” added Trigubenko. “Ready-made technologies built for this specific niche just didn’t exist.”

Trigubenko and the team at Profi, which is pushing north of 50 employees, seem to have struck the right chord. Organic traffic and an ever-growing sales funnel are signs that the market is hungry for what Profi’s platform offers. The company’s clients are netting positive results as well. Thanks to the Profi-powered Innovation Experts, UxLLimited is helping to make a positive impact in Scotland

The Market Responds Well to Profi  

“The Profi platform has transformed our business model and the direction we are taking our company,” stated Michael Kearns, Director at Uxl Limited. “We are building a community of coaches and consultants with a shared identity and purpose. We are excited about the future and working with our partners at Profi.”

Because of its early success, Profi has hit the sweet spot with investors too. Recently, the company announced it had closed a $6 million seed round. And along with its funding, Profi is building a deep bench. Adam Miller, founder and former CEO of the multi-billion-dollar HR tech company Cornerstone OnDemand, now serves as Profi’sexecutive chairman. The successful tech pioneer, philanthropist and investor says helping profis help more people is the company’s top priority.  

“Helping professional service providers maximize their impact is our number one priority,” said Adam Miller. “We have a team with an in-depth understanding of the market and the experience to build a successful business. Our funding and new functionality will enable Profi to help more professional service providers reduce costs, improve efficiencies and enhance their professionalism to maximize their impact.”

A Golden Opportunity

According to The Business Research Company (TBRC), Profi has entered a booming market. TBRC research estimates that the global professional services market will reach $7.06 trillion by 2025. And as solopreneurs and companies continue to digitally transform their operations, Profi will grow as well, especially as more and more people evaluate what they want out of life.

“The pandemic pushed much of society into an existential crisis of sorts,” said Trigubenko. “And as people continue to reflect on their lives, careers and relationships in profound ways, the professional services industry will continue to grow. More people will either seek the help of coaches, consultants, trainers and therapists or become one themselves.”

Introducing Profi team

In tandem with its funding news, Profi also announced the launch of its corporate solution, Profi Team. The solution supports teams of profis working together, enabling secure collaboration across remote locations, teams, small businesses and organizations.  

Profi Team is built for a post-COVID world, enabling professional service practices to become more agile and efficient, collaborating on projects and clients no matter their location,” explained Trigubenko. Additionally, Profi’steam features allow companies and teams of providers to co-manage clients, provide joint services, monitor team performance, manage team schedules, payments and payouts, track hours, configure customer workflows and communicate securely—all through a single platform.”

A Culture of Giving Back

For Profi, it’s not just about business but also about giving back. In response to the war in Ukraine, Profi has donated its software, resources and funds to help those impacted by the conflicts. The company is also working to relocate and support family, friends and staff that live in the region.

Regarding what’s next for Profi, Trigubenko says the company will continue to follow its mission.

“We will continue growing our team and expanding our platform with new features and functionality,” said Trigubenko. “And we will also hold to our mission of helping profis maximize their impact. The more people we have that are dedicated to helping others, the better our world will be.

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