How Startup Fortune Helps Micro-Influencers Gain Media Exposure for Verification

Hundreds of micro-influencers join social media platforms on an hourly basis, with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook being the most prominent of them. Using pictures and videos, these micro-influencers have the power to build small but loyal followings that, typically, are more engaged. For this reason, micro-influencers have grown into serious competitors for celebrities when it comes to attracting new customers or increasing brand awareness. 

The single most important milestone in any influencers ‘social-career’ is getting verified and noticed on the platforms. Achieving verification is not an easy task, but companies like Startup Fortune have built a business around supporting micro-influencers in their verification journey. 

What Verification Is and Why It’s So Important for Influencers

Verification started as a celebrity-only prerogative that helped fans identify actors’, musicians’, or their favorite Kardashian’s official social media profiles. This differentiator was introduced by the platform because it became more and more difficult to see through the noise generated by thousands of fan accounts. The little blue plaque surrounding a white tick quickly became a symbol of legitimacy and status. In the first few years, it was reserved for profiles with the largest follower base, but Instagram felt the opportunity and opened verification to all users who meet strict requirements.

The Benefits of Verification

The verified badge grants its bearers immunity against impersonation. It helps these profiles stand out from the crowd (of fan pages, for example). As the verification process is based on official documents (like a passport), it is more difficult to hack or steal the profiles through impersonation. 

Verification helps in developing brand awareness as these profiles appear in Instagram searches closer to the top results. The recommendation algorithm favors verified content against other pictures or videos, which can heavily increase user engagement. 

It also creates trustworthiness as verified profiles get early access to the new features (Instagram stories and swipe up were all made available to these VIP profiles first). It also creates trustworthiness towards followers and as an influencer that can make a major difference.

What the Verification Process Looks Like and Who Can Help

The application feels easy as it only includes a profile name, the operator’s real name, and an official document (passport, driving license). The devil is in the details, or this case, behind the scenes. After applying, Instagram will initiate comprehensive research on Google and check all content written by and about the profile’s owner or the brand. 

Credibility is key, and it can be only achieved through appearing on trusted platforms. Startup Fortune helps influencers and startups to be published in mainstream media and news. The company’s founder, Mervik Haums, is a PR and marketing strategist that has supported numerous small businesses and startups to grow, scale, and build brand awareness. 

Throughout his journey, he learned that brand can be built only with the help of local, yet trusted influencers, and this recognition turned into a now highly demanded service. Haums and the Startup Fortune team are now working hard to get micro-influencers the attention they deserve and to achieve a level of publication at which they can successfully apply for the verification and get that blue badge. 

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