How Talent Manager Ike Mann Discovers Future Stars of the Entertainment Industry

Talent scouting once involved attending physical concerts and events for the music world. Now, talent managers have access to readily available new music online through social media.

Talent managers like Ike Mann are how sharing how easy it is to discover future stars of the entertainment industry, from sports to music

Ike Mann is a 40-year-old London-based talent manager with a BA in Business Studies. Most of Ike’s time is spent in Miami now, but he does occasionally fly between there and the UK for business and to meet new upcoming artists.

His work consists of him discovering and collaborating with new artists and typically discovers them on platforms like YouTube, Sound Cloud, and others that allow artists to share music for free.

These platforms allow new musicians to record and share their music for the world to hear. They can promote across multiple platforms after sharing to YouTube or Sound Cloud. For example, a new musician can share their new single and then cross-promote on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to increase the awareness of them and their music.

Ike discovered his passion for the industry when Hip Hop and R&B took off in the 90s. However, his career began in a different industry so that he could expand his knowledge and network. Ike started in the sports and entertainment industry, which helped him reach high-end celebrities.

Although Ike has worked with and rubbed shoulders with extremely famous celebrities, such as Ice Cube, he remains remarkably humble. The importance of staying humble is key here as it allows him not to get too star struck, which helps him collaborate with amazing artists and well-known people in the industry.

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