How Technology Is Influencing Marketing Strategy According to EJ Dalius

The use of technology has brought about far-sighted changes in business organizations. A large number of surveys have revealed that technology is bringing about changes in marketing strategy in unanticipated ways.

With the advent of the Internet, the spread of digital marketing tools has increased without restrictions. Studies reveal that this change has enabled many businesses to explore various marketing tools to stay updated.

However, technology has brought about positive changes in business organizations in multiple ways. It has contributed to the rise of purpose-driven marketing in an effective way.

Technology and its role in the broader marketing realm:

  • When it comes to purpose-driven marketing, which is becoming increasingly popular in recent times, technology is the critical player in this regard. Several websites make claims to be committed to the purpose which they offer. These days clients want to establish a strong relationship with the brands. It is no longer limited to just the products and services but also the trust factor. It is the trust which stands behind the values. Moreover, it has significant effects on recruiting. Also, the employees look for inspiring reasons to work for their company rather than just selling products.
  • There is a shift in how marketers think of conveying to the world what their companies do and why? According to Eric Dalius, companies educate people worldwide regarding the prevention of deadly diseases. Moreover, they invest in sustainability and economic growth by utilizing their resources.
  • By activating the employees, the companies try to motivate them to embrace the brand’s purpose. It thereby becomes more attractive to the customers.
  • The advent of the Internet has made customers the center of marketing strategy. Customers have the ultimate power in the process of buying and selling. They use the digital platform to get information about the services and products they want to buy before they walk into a retail store. It is a tectonic shift that has made customer-centricity an imperative event. It has come to dominate the entire marketing strategy. Hence, according to Eric J Dalius, marketers have to think about the customers’ needs and requirements and thereby integrate the data for creating customer-friendly products.
  • Good advertisements nowadays mean delivering a message to the target audience in an effective way. It has to bring into consideration the preferences of the audience. According to EJ Dalius, the absence of the right medium to deliver marketing messages will lead to a failure to engage customers in the brand.
  • Entrepreneurs must keep the recent trends in focus to teach them in the marketing strategy. It will help them create an effective system that will become beneficial for them in the long run.

The internet and the digital platform have resulted in far-sighted marketing strategy changes, which need further evaluation. There are various benefits associated with this close amalgamation, which the entrepreneurs may use for their service. It is not the number of customers who visit the website but the number of loyal customers who matter in the long run. A sound marketing strategy needs a robust marketer having technological knowledge.

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