How Technology Is Rapidly Changing the Way Attorneys Practice Law

Robert Simon is the co-founder of the Simon Law Group and Justice HQ. For the last 15 years, he has been a practicing personal injury attorney with a passion for legal technology. For Simon, technology has always been a part of his daily practice, unfortunately, this has not been true for all attorneys. However, in 2020 the pandemic created a catalyst for technology, unlike anything the legal industry has ever seen before.

How have you seen technology change the way attorneys practice law in the last year?

Robert Simon: Prior to 2020, a lot of attorneys and older law firms were resistant to embracing technology. Even LA County was still using the antiquated DOS system just 5 years ago! I think that attorneys were unable to imagine another alternative for the in-person practice they had been doing all their lives. In March, all of that changed. Suddenly, as attorneys were forced into virtual settings, they began to realize that perhaps it was possible to conduct client consultations or even depositions over Zoom. 

The Simon Law Group is a relatively young team, with the oldest attorneys being my twin brother, Brad, and I at forty years old. One advantage there is that our team was more comfortable than other firms in embracing technological tools available to us. We’ve always been ahead of the curve in that regard, so it’s been really great to see other practices begin to adopt these concepts and realize the way that technology can actually benefit them.  

Does technology benefit the clients as well? 

Robert Simon: Absolutely! The use of technology saves both the clients and the attorneys time and money. Whereas before, an attorney may have to spend 2 weeks of billable time in the discovery process, now they can automate that and have the client complete questions and sign off in 2 hours! This saves the client money, but also leads to quicker turnaround times, which is especially important in personal injury cases in which the client has already suffered enough. 

How does Justice HQ play into this embrace of technology? 

Robert Simon: Brad and I created Justice HQ because we wanted to see a collaborative, technology-driven community. Justice HQ now has three locations in Southern California where members can reserve tech-forward private offices and conference spaces. On top of that, members up and down the coast of California now have instant access to an elite network via our JHQ platform and app. One member needed someone to step in for a court call he had to miss, and within 5 minutes – another member stepped in to help out. Technology is allowing Justice HQ members, whether solo attorneys or part of a small firm, to access resources commonly reserved for large firms. Our goal is to get all consumer cases into the hands of the best specialist attorneys at Justice HQ, thus the consumer and the industry both win.

We provide our members with the same technology that has allowed the Simon Law Group to scale so quickly over the last 10 years, only now – the network of attorneys expands into a wider range of areas of practice and covers attorneys barred in multiple states. This is truly the future of the legal industry. Justice HQ is about enhancing the complete lawyer lifestyle. Where quality of life meets the quality of the lawyer.

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