How the Benefits of CPD can Help get you a job

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1.72 million individuals were unemployed in the United Kingdom at the end of December 2020, up 1.2% from September 2019. The employment market is more competitive than ever, with many people looking for whatever sort of work they can get to make ends meet.

One way the workers have sought to tackle the evolving landscape is by acquiring and updating their skill-set. The best way to remain ahead of the curve is to participate in continuing professional development (CPD) programs. Change is continuous, and in the world, we live in, it’s necessary to keep moving forward in our careers.

This article lends insight into which industries are recruiting in the present economic climate and the job roles they offer. We also discuss how the benefits of CPD can help you navigate the labour market.

Popular Jobs

The work economy is evolving, and technology is now automating numerous tasks. However, new profitable possibilities have arisen for those willing to take on new challenges and gain the skills necessary to convert themselves into attractive candidates for these positions.

Healthcare Support

Few would be shocked to learn that doctors and nurses are in high demand, with 4.32% of all job openings on Glassdoor UK seeking a registered nurse. The NHS is already under strain, but the pandemic has necessitated even more qualified medical personnel to deal with COVID-19.

Janitorial occupations account for 2.35% of the available positions. Although many companies are closed, those that can stay open must prioritise hygiene to comply with current regulations. This new reality has increased the demand for cleaning personnel.

Digital Marketing

Before the pandemic, digital marketers were already in demand, and hiring for these professionals saw a hike in 2020. To circumvent lockdown restrictions and to ensure that their consumers receive almost the same quality of service post-COVID, several firms have moved their operations online.

Marketing managers make up 2% of all vacant positions, while digital marketing reps make up 1.97%. This position’s responsibilities include digital strategy, product marketing and brand management.

Data Science

Data science is another job role on the rise before the pandemic that picked up momentum in 2020. Given the pervasiveness of business data across sectors and the necessity to recognise and use it to enhance results, there isn’t a single industry that doesn’t require this degree of understanding.


Since its start in the mid-1990s, e-commerce has shown consistent exponential yearly growth. This proliferation has huge technical implications for both application and deployment architecture, and all signs point to it continuing for decades.

The primary reason for this rise in e-commerce is the rapid uptake of internet usage. According to, there were 4.66 billion active internet users globally in January 2021, accounting for 59.5% of the global population. People are utilising the internet more due to more access, cheaper costs, and greater bandwidth.

Benefits of CPD in the Changing Labour Market

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) advantages are vast and diverse, both for employees and for employers. The benefits of CPD include:

Keep up with Industry Standards

Individual professional self-improvement might result from a variety of factors. However, not everyone in the field will progress at the same rate. Professionals may guarantee that they keep up with others in their area of expertise by investing in CPD. Taking this course allows you to continue contributing to your team in a meaningful way and maximising your productivity.

Satisfy Professional Bodies

Continuing education is required in several occupations, not just to enhance employee standards but also to satisfy regulatory agencies. For example, Members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) must complete at least 40 units of CPD each calendar year. One of the most important advantages of CPD is that it ensures that these laws are satisfied not just for the company but also for the person.

Offers a Sense of Direction

Employees who have lost their sense of direction or even enthusiasm for their job might benefit from CPD training. CPD approved training courses may help them establish and consolidate their professional path and make the best future decisions.

Facilitates Career Progression

Practically all workers want to advance their careers. Without CPD training, you could lack the confidence to take these actions. The training helps to indicate that you are actively committed to the work position and appreciate your dedication to the role by ensuring that business standards stay high and consistent.

These certificate courses also give companies a quick assessment of each individual’s abilities and expertise, allowing them to make educated career advancement decisions.

Closing Thoughts

With the evolving employment landscape, workers cannot afford to remain static. There are new types of jobs increasing rapidly, and taking advantage of these opportunities requires an update or acquisition of skills. CPD is one of the best means to do this. It also offers those with a solid career path to stay up-to-date in their field and move up the corporate ladder.

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