How the Los Angeles Tribune is Influencing Newspapers, Media, and Leadership

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In recent years one industry that has seen more attacks on its credibility from both public political figures and the general public at large has been the Media.

According to research, there has been a steep decline in the last five years in user confidence for both National news organizations, Local news organizations, and even Social media. This has required the media industry to either pivot to increase the confidence of the clientele or suffer the consequences of a changing market.

The general consensus is that the “Glossy” appeal of mainstream news is no longer acceptable. Once upon a time, most Americans would consider fancy studios, national brands, and high-paid anchors as sacrosanct when it came to what they would proclaim in their daily reporting.

Today, however, the digital age along with a general changing social climate has changed all of the rules of the game that have been steady and consistent for decades. One example of a national news brand that has taken this change seriously and adapted to maintain confidence amongst its continues is the Los Angeles Tribune. Over the course of their more than one hundred and thirty years of history, they have been the frontier on several different social causes.

Most notably the Los Angeles Tribune was the first national brand to have an African American female Publisher in the 1940s when prejudice and discrimination were centerfolds in Americana. Decades later with a totally new set of leaders, the idea of being ahead of the curb from other newspaper brands is still a part of the fiber of the culture of the organization.

The Tribune has offered a range of Productions that stem outside the typical range of Newspaper brands. Educational workshops, Community Access TV shows, Events with Personal Development trainers, and non-profit collaborations. This has created a level of confidence amongst the readers and constituents that far surpasses that of many other institutions in the industry.

By showcasing that as an organization they are involved in community growth in a very direct, real, and felt way they are standing out as a real newspaper brand that is making a difference.

About The Los Angeles Tribune:

The Los Angeles Tribune is a newspaper brand and media company based out of California. It was initially introduced to the general public in 1886 and is considered one of the longest-lasting historic names in the world of journalism.

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