How This Business Coaching Power Couple Commits to Empowering Entrepreneurs

The pursuit of entrepreneurship shows no signs of slowing down. Research data indicates that 20% of adults aged 18 to 24 have entrepreneurial ambition, with 19% already having started some kind of business, and the continuing COVID-19 pandemic has only propelled these numbers higher.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurial education has failed to grow at the same rate, meaning that young adults entertaining the idea of starting their own business find themselves at a loss for how to move forward. Having faced these same struggles themselves early on in their journey, Dr. Travis and Michelle S. Fox are changing this reality for others through their company AllRealms and app Business Empire.

With a combined corporate and entrepreneurial background ranging from Hypnotherapy to Fitness and Psychology, Dr. Travis and Michelle have a unique understanding on how to take ideas from founder to funding to fortune. Their parent company, AllRealms, is on track to do over $1.25M in 2022 revenue, and their Board of Directors includes business titans Bruce Cardenas and Eric Levine.

The business coaching power couple came up with the concept of Business Empire by finding a parallel between their own journeys and the fairytale stories of a young warrior fighting their way to own their kingdom. This platform offers entrepreneurs an engaging, effective, and fun way to level up their skill sets, and users can learn business basics via immersive fantasy gameplay reminiscent of an RPG game, all while guided through each “quest” by experts in multiple disciplines relevant to entrepreneurship.

Business Empire stands out because it is the very first fully gamified way of learning entrepreneurship for free. There’s nothing out there that gives you the whole blueprint, the map on how to start your business from the moment of conception or idea to implementation and how to move through even expanding your business,” said Dr. Fox in an interview with Authority Magazine

Business Empire is all about ensuring its users absorb and apply their knowledge about business fundamentals, yet also focuses on personal development and how to step into a leadership role. With small businesses being an integral part of the communities they are born in, helping founders succeed is about more than just one person’s triumph.

This concept of cultivating a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem iss mission-critical for Dr. Travis and Michelle. Currently, they are surprising players of Business Empire who are local business owners across the United States with cash prizes, providing business mentorship for the winners and their entire staff to show their gratitude to the local entrepreneurial community. 

Dr. Travis and Michelle have established themselves as one of the most influential power couples in the world of business, directly supporting the efforts of entrepreneurs and offering meaningful mentorship and strategies for success. By helping leaders level up their skill sets personally and professionally, the lessons learned on Business Empire are sure to help a new generation of entrepreneurs succeed, even in times of great economic uncertainty.

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