How This Conscious Thought-leader is Mastering Content Curation to Bring More Soul, Depth, and Spiritual Wisdom to the Mainstream

After the unfolding of catastrophic events in 2020, many new and emerging leaders came to the surface. These leaders are beginning to reshape industries that have previously been built, into ways that are more beneficial to humanity and society as we collectively enter a whole new world and way of living.

A powerful way to re-educate humanity to bring greater levels of soul, depth, and spiritual wisdom to its people, is through content.

On the internet, you will find two types of creators – content creators and content curators

Content creators produce entertaining or educational material that appeals to a specific audience. This is most typically produced in the form of article posts, videos, photos, books, or infographics. 

Content curators on the other hand, pull together content created by others. This content is carefully selected to share in front of a highly targeted audience. Often these are in the forms of article posts, or expert advice from relevant thought-leaders that the audience finds beneficial, giving them a variety of content from various industry experts. 

An entrepreneur who is truly masterful at content curation is Kelly Wing, founder of Ohwabisabi Media. Ohwabisabi Media is a PR and media agency, which also has its own publication where conscious creators and industry thought-leaders share their unique message, teachings, and stories with a growing fan-base of thousands of readers from around the globe each month.

The new generation of leaders are rising

The new earth that is approaching is one that seeks to serve and support the highest good of humanity and this evolution in consciousness means leaders are fast stepping into their highest levels of power and genius. What we are seeing is visionaries, mentors, creatives, content creators, musicians, and speakers coming together all in a divine manner and all in divine timing.

“By curating content from these new and emerging thought-leaders of the new generation, we are able to work in harmony and co-creation to support each other in bringing our visions to life – individually yet together at the same time.” Kelly shares.

When leaders are given the opportunity to share to new audiences, they instantly feel heard, they feel seen, and they are able to experience higher levels of creation and self-expression.

Becoming the go-to person in your niche

There has never been a more crucial time for the new generation of thought-leaders to start building their presence outside of social media. Those leaders who are beginning to realise the utmost importance of this are now making it their mission to be seen on other platforms – ultimately becoming a leader who is well known for their wisdom, knowledge, and expertise in a given field.

It’s easy for us to stay caught up in our own bubble on social media, with those we already know, like and follow. But it takes a courageous and bold leader to truly step outside of the social media bubble and spread their message far and wide to maximise reach and exposure on their message.

“When people see you as the go-to person in your niche, everything changes, Business becomes more enjoyable. You start to attract new customers on a whole new level, and that way you can be more in service where the world needs you, rather than spending a lot of your time chasing and convincing people to buy from you.”

Leadership has now taken on a whole new meaning

It takes a bold and courageous leader to fully step up to serve humanity throughout this next phase of evolution, and become an advocate for the positive change we wish to see in this world.

These leaders are beginning to completely rewrite and shift the narrative on what it means to be a leader, and they’re leading in ways our predecessors have never led before – leading more from the heart and soul than with the head.

“As we evolve as a human race, the way we lead and look to be led also has to evolve” Kelly shares. 

Ohwabisabi covers a range of topics to help readers understand themselves in all facets of life, and the world around them. Some of their highest values are empowerment, love, compassion, empathy, unity, authenticity, vulnerability, story-telling, impact, freedom, intimacy, soul-led, heart-centred, and self-expression.

Follow Kelly on Instagram here, and Ohwabisabi on Instagram here.

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