How To Achieve A Supermodel Smile for Fashion Week

With fashion week upcoming and loads of beautiful people are pouring into runways around the world, so you want to look your best to impress. However, you cant look your best unless you have a smile to match

A perfect set of pearly whites is a defining characteristic of fashion models around the world. Since your smile is one of the main things that people notice, it’s essential to do your best to make your smile one of your most attractive characteristics.   As a NYC Celebrity Dentist, Dr. Nicholas Toscano’s goal, when treating his patients, is to create the most beautiful smile possible. Society unfortunately judges us by appearance. If you had to choose between two people, the one with the nicer smile will always win over the ugly one.

A beautiful smile is one of the most powerful weapons we need when trying to create a good impression in any area of our life from our career to our love life. Our smile sends out important signals when it comes to our personality. A smile is generally a sign of confidence and those who tend to smile a lot are generally considered trustworthy and more outgoing than those who do not. By knowing these facts it’s easy to understand why you want your smile to be in tip to shape for fashion week. Here are some tips in getting the best smile for fashion week and avoiding some things that can hurt your smile when running from runway to runway.

For the ultimate fashion week smile for the short term:

# 1 is your dental hygiene

If you want to keep your great smile you need to visit your dentist on a regular basis. Proper hygiene is a must when trying to achieve a perfect smile.  Dr. Nicholas Toscano tells us that many of the problems that prevent us from having the beautiful smile we desire originate in a careless teeth cleaning routine  Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day is critical to a healthy and beautiful smile.  Regular flossing will help you get rid of 40% of bacteria. Since most cavities appear between the teeth, it’s essential to include flossing in our teeth cleaning routine. Flossing once a day and using a mouthwash are two ways to keep teeth healthy and to prevent any issues that can negatively affect our smile. The biggest mistakes that people make when caring for their teeth is not seeing their dentist on a regular basis. Often patients just forget how important it is to go and get a regular cleaning. I recommend that patients get a cleaning at least twice a year. In patients with gum disease (periodontal disease), I recommend that patients get cleanings 4 times a year, and seek out a periodontist (a dental specialist in the treatment of periodontal disease). Cleaning your teeth is not only important in keeping your teeth white and free of cavities but, its also important to remove the bacteria from below the gum line that research studies have shown may cause heart disease, strokes, pre-term low birth weight babies and many other diseases that can effect your overall general health.

Whether your running between fashion shows or heading to that big meeting you have to eat. Here are some foods to avoid that can hurt your smile or make your breathe less the stella.

1) Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is nortoriously messy. Like those leafy greens, corn kernels are guaranteed to get lodged in your teeth, and you can’t help but end up with butter and corn smashed all over your face. Not to mention it smears ladies lipstick.

2) Anything with Seeds

Poppy, strawberry and sesame seeds find lodging in every tooth cranny. Hard to miss and even harder to remove, these culprits will have fashionistas staring at your freckled teeth with embarrassment

3) Beans

For obvious reasons, and last thing you want a gas attack on the runway

4) Spinach – gotta keep your smile clean. Laughing and smiling with green critters in your teeth is enough to even turn off popeye.

5) Garlic and Onions

Most of us know to steer clear of this duo, but it’s hard to do when sometimes it’s hidden as a flavor-enhancing ingredient. Raw onions are worse than cooked, with a lingering punch that is much harder to get rid of. Garlic maybe great when trying to stear the characters away on the TV show True blood but its not what you want when you trying to land your next modeling gig.

6) Spicy Foods – some may find sweating through a workout is sexy; a meal is not a workout.

7) Ribs

Ribs turn you into a sauce-covered carnivore that’s just plain messy. You will end up stuck with the barbeque condiment plastered around your mouth, making you look like a clown.

8) Red Meat

Red meat can sometimes leave a funky taste in your mouth, not to mention those hard to pick out pieces that get stuck between your teeth. If you want that kiss avoid the steak and go with chicken.

9) Carbonated drinks – causes belching and bloating

10) Spaghetti and other long strand pastas in sauces – awkward to eat and usually has garlic, bad breathe is a no no during fashion week.

Teeth stains

Learning to deal with teeth stains is another essential step we must take in order to attain our goal.  With age, the enamel on teeth becomes thinner and more transparent, and the inner layer, called dentin (dentin is naturally yellow in color), looks darker according to Dr. Toscano. Teeth also absorb colored liquids throughout your life causing intrinsic staining of the teeth which are hard to remove. Coffee, tea, cola, and red wine are frequent culprits, along with more tenacious tobacco stains.  Extrinsic stains can be easily solved by maintaining a good hygiene regiman or getting regular teeth cleanings (every 3 months) by your dentist.  On the other hand intrinsic stains may be more difficult to manage. Intrinsic stains are cased by certain foods and drinks who manage to get into the enamel causing discoloration and become more difficult to remove.

Wine, coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, or tobacco, are notorious teeth strainers that should be avoided as much as possible especially before important events when you will be on the spotlight and you must look your best. Avoiding these foods and drinks a few days before an important event as well as using a whitening toothpaste will have a dramatic effect on the way your teeth will look.

Teeth bleaching

It’s not a secret that many models often turn to expensive teeth whitening treatments in order to get a perfect smile. Professional teeth bleaching procedures are expensive being able to reach up to $1200 per visit. Treatments such as BriteSmile and Zoom are highly popular among our Fashionistas, with price ranges varying from 400 to 1200 dollars a treatment. The advantage is instant whitening in one visit. If you’re not in a hurry, there are plenty over the counter bleaching kits that are only the fraction of the cost of a professional treatment if your Gucci pocket book doesn’t permit the more expensive option. These treatments can provide very satisfactory whitening that takes a week or two to complete.

For more longer term, to keep your ultimate smile for fashion weeks to come

Cosmetic veneers

Cosmetic veneers are among the most popular methods that Supermodels and Hollywood stars use in order to hide imperfections and to improve their smile. Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that cover the teeth surface, being able to solve a variety of problems from misshaped, chipped or cracked teeth to teeth discoloration.

For this procedure the teeth is shaped by removing a thin layer of enamel to be able to place the cosmetic veneers. The veneers adhere to the teeth, becoming a part of it. Porcelain veneers are very durable, being able to last up to 10 years before needing to be replaced. As an added benefit, cosmetic veneers will be more resistant to stains.

Gum Lift

A gum lift is a cosmetic dental procedure that raises and sculpts the gum line often performed by Cosmetic Dental Surgeon’s like Dr. Nicholas Toscano of NYC. This procedure involves reshaping the tissue and/or underlying bones to create the appearance of longer or symmetrical teeth, thereby making the smile more aesthetically pleasing. This procedure often exposes natural tooth structure underneath that was hidden due to the teeth not erupting all the way. This procedure is typically done to reduce excessively gummy smiles or to balance out an asymmetrical gum line. The procedure is also known as crown-lengthening.

For more information, feel free to contact Dr. Nicholas Toscano who is a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Periodontist in Manhattan, New York.  His instagram is @drtoscanodds where he can be contacted directly

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