How to Change Your Mindset with Manuel Marinari

Manuel Marinari, 31, is the founder of Sway Society, a digital marketing firm dedicated to helping medium to large businesses achieve success and growth in the complicated world of online social media. His company has been largely recognized as a top social media marketing agency in the Asia-Pacific area. Marinari has built his success starting from zero, learning and developing his skills and knowledge on the internet finally becoming popular through Asian brands and public figures all over the world. Marinari also is a writer contributor for many online magazines and events speaking in topics such as marketing, entrepreneurship, and social media updates. He has accomplished so much at such a young age, we had to interview him to learn the steps he took to become this aspiring leader.

How did you become an entrepreneur? Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Becoming an entrepreneur has always been in my sights at the beginning, I never enjoyed working for someone else, which is fine if you still have to learn or you don’t know what you want but it’s painful in the long term. I grew up in a traditional family, they kept repeating that I had to study hard in order to get a job somewhere. I am lucky I never embraced this philosophy, it’s an old concept from an old world without all this freedom and possibilities the internet offers. I enjoyed connecting with people but mostly playing video games and Magic the Gathering card game, so I decided to pursue a career in that field.

After university, I set up my second business games related and it slowly failed. I started to realize that the gaming business path wasn’t  the best option for me. I definitely did not want to retire myself in a company office and my failure opened my mind and taught me new skills about the power of social media promotion back in the early stage of Facebook marketing. After selling my dying company I decided to see if there are different routes I can try and the best way was to get ideas traveling the world. At the end of 2016, I left my city Milan, Italy ready to explore Asia and learn new skills. I improved my English, started to professionally learn social media and how to become a marketer.

A few months after my departure, I became a blogger myself and  I started to use the skills I learned on a few clients and within a short while, those clients began to see massive growth in revenue. That was the moment I knew that I had to pursue this and that’s when I became a full-time entrepreneur. Not everything has been easy and quick, it took 2 years to build trust and get clients, you just need to accept this and change your mindset for a long term plan.

You mentioned that in the first years as an entrepreneur were very difficult. How did you overcome that and what advice would you give others in your situation?

Yes, it was really hard. I think the most difficult aspect was that I was totally by myself in a foreign country with very limited money. That was a very scary situation for me and the uncertain future is your biggest enemy but also your motivation. You have to fight harder in order to get clients and get your financial freedom. I started to improve my skills, daily updating myself and also I started to take care of my mental health, don’t be afraid of rejection. Consistency is the key to success. My advice for others also in the same situation is to don’t be afraid of failure and don’t listen too much to what other people are telling you, mostly if you’re in an innovating field where it’s normal for human psychology to be scared and have a cautious approach .

As an entrepreneur, what is it that motivates and drives you?

We all need a purpose and a goal to be happy everyday and of course, be financially stable. I am never satisfied with what I can accomplish because I know I can do so much more. There are so many things I want to learn and experience and I truly believe the route I have taken will allow me to stay motivated and driven to it. Personally my goal is to retire on a wild island ahah.

In one word, describe your life as an entrepreneur.

Consistency is my magic word. If you have a feeling that you’re doing good you have the duty to yourself to keep trying harder until you get what you want without being afraid of rejection, judgment and failure.

What are your future plans as an entrepreneur?

I definitely intend to stay in the digital world for a few more exits but will look for an exit strategy there. I haven’t decided yet on what that would look like in terms of selling the businesses or taking a less-intensive position but it will happen. I am dreaming of a future with different kinds of social media and not entirely based on the business of promoting ads. The whole concept must change and be reconfigured, the spread of ignorance, fake news is unacceptable and it’s leading us to big issues in the real world. I think we have to think of social media as an entertainment platform and keep serious topics on other platforms with a regulamentation, out of the ads business that it’s driving old generations to literally don’t understand anything of what’s happening in this digital world. This change is my biggest goal for the future.

As the interview went on, you can see Manuel Marinari is an ambitious entrepreneur who will one day maybe change the social media world. We wish Marinari all the best for his future projects.

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