How to Design Your Custom SVG Cricut Shadow Box?

If you love to design handicraft items or decor your home or workspace with fascinating decor items, then LightboxGoodman is the great choice for you! It’s a renowned decor brand that introduces its specialized custom lightbox, and shadow box, circut, and cutting design machines in a variety of designs such as landscapes, family, animals, movies, love, fairy, and other customized designs at a reasonable price.

However, if you are interested in making your own cricut shadowbox, we also guide you for that. In this blog, we will reflect on how you can make your custom shadowbox framed in a cricut that can add value to your home or workplace decor.

How SVG Cricut Shadow Box Works?

Before making your SVG Cricut shadow box, you need to understand how a shadow box works. For this, you stack several layers of cardstock on top of each other, with each layer having different elements cut out from the center of the cardstock. Later, when you shine a light from behind the layers of cardstock, the light reflects through the layers in varying degrees of brightness that creates a lovely 3D effect with depth and beauty.

The secret to Create a Beautiful SVG Cricut Shadow Box

The most important secret behind a striking SVG custom Cricut shadow box includes the three main things i.e. focal point, frames, and background.

Focal Point

The focal point is the center that you want to stand out. It’s often the silhouette of a person, animal, building, character, or something else that’s meaningful, and personal. It’s always big but catches the sight in one go. For best results, your focal point should be clearly defined, without other layers touching or overlapping it.


Frames are the elements that are always at the edges of the four sides. These could be things like trees, flowers, animals, or other less important things such as buildings. This could be anything that goes with the theme, and helps you draw the eye to the focal point.


Another important thing is the background for your custom Cricut shadow box. It is the portion behind your focal point that could either be plain, and an uncut piece of cardstock or extra layers behind that piece of cardstock to add more depth such as sun, stars, moon, or even a reflection of anything.

Shadow Box Layers and their Order

Now that you are aware of the things you should keep in mind before making your cricut shadow box, let’s talk about the layers, and their order from front to back:

  • The first layers are typically the frames which should be at least two; however, they can be more than two to increase the depth.
  • The focal point layer should always come after the top frame layers.
  • The background should be at the back of layers.

You can design your custom SVG cricut shadowbox in several ways such as on illustrator, Inkscape, or Cricut Design Space.

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