How to Develop a Strong Social Media Presence for Your Law Firm

In a 2019 study conducted by SproutSocial, 70% of law firms said that social media is part of their overall marketing strategy. If your law firm wants to build a social media presence, but you’re not sure where to begin, you are in the right place. Here are 3 simple social media marketing tips to develop your business online.

Establish Your Authority

Establishing a strong online authority is important today but will also be crucial in the years to come. Most people have come to realize that social media is becoming a requirement for small businesses to stay afloat. With more and more consumers relying on social media as a search engine it’s safe to say that building a strong online presence is critical to attracting new clients.

Engage With Potential Clients

Professional customer engagement is essential for every business. When you engage on a social media post, you are building your trust and authority online. One meaningful comment or compliment below someone’s posts can turn a stranger into a client. A great strategy to use is taking advantage of local hashtags. If your target audience lives in a particular town or county then focus on engaging on those specific hashtags. 

Build Brand Awareness

Building awareness surrounding your brand should be your goal in bringing your business on social media. Think of all the different people who scroll on FaceBook or Instagram on their lunch break. Getting in front of these eyes and simply having them “know of you” is an excellent step to having them become a client when they are in need of your services.

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