How to Escape Your Comfort Zone (and Why You NEED To)

How To Escape Your Comfort Zone (and why you NEED to)

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This is what stops us all from becoming a master…


We always want to share the end product with the world. We want to only show perfection.

We only want to see the end product from other people. We want to see their perfection.

The thing is… is this really what we want?

Or is this driven by fear, ego, and insecurity? We want to only share with people what we want them to see because we’re afraid they won’t like who we really are. We don’t want to feel judged.

We want to see other people with perfect bodies and the perfect life because it helps us step outside our own fears and live someone else’s life…

I say this has to STOP!

I love social media. I’ve built a career on the back of platforms like Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram. But these platforms make it too easy to share an edited version of the life you live.

It also means we only see an edited version of everyone else’s.

  • That spontaneous selfie that took six attempts …
  • That natural look that only happened because of makeup and lighting …
  • That perfect location you visit just so you can take a picture of it …
How To Escape Your Comfort Zone (and why you NEED to)
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This isn’t how you grow as a person, and this isn’t how you build something that matters.

To become a master, you must step outside your comfort zone and shake things up.

You need to share what’s shit and imperfect.

You need to feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.

You need to embrace the journey, not just the destination.

Those people you follow are just people. Stop placing them on a pedestal; stop putting yourself on one.

I Love To Sing But Cannot Sing!

I’ve always loved to sing. I love music, and I love to sing in the shower.

But I’m not the best singer, and at a young age, my sister told me so. Without knowing, she muted me that day. I developed a complex and limiting belief, and it’s followed me my entire life.

Today, I don’t sing in front of people. Despite my love for music, I’ve never taken a class or learned how to sing because I assumed I was no good. I keep singing to myself…

  • I’m scared.
  • I’m anxious.
  • I’m vulnerable and insecure.

We all do this! We hold back from doing something because of fear, ego, and vulnerability. You don’t want to feel judged or make a fool of yourself. But doing this stops you from breaking free!

So if you want to become a master…

If you want to stop letting fear control you…

If you want to feel less so you can “feel” more…

This is what you need to do…

How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

I’ve built a business and movement around sharing stories each day. I have the life I do because I share my story, invite others into my journey, travel the world, and take pictures and videos of myself…

  • I’ve had a Youtube Channel for 13 years…
  • I’ve built an Instagram following of 100,000+ people
  • I literally post videos each day, and share intimate stories…

But I have never, not once… thought about recording a video of me singing (until now…)

Why? Fear… discomfort… feeling judged!

I’m human. Just like you. These things hold me back, too.

But I don’t want to live like this. So I recently looked in the mirror and said:

“Okay…. You think you suck at singing? Great! Let’s see what we can do, and share it with the world.”

So that’s what I did.

I recorded this video of me singing a certain song by The Killers:

How To Escape Your Comfort Zone (and why you NEED to)

I cannot tell you how scared I felt doing this.

  • I resisted recording it…
  • I resisted uploading it to Facebook
  • I resisted hitting the “publish” button…
  • I resisted writing this article and sharing it once more…


My human need to feel comfortable and safe held me back, but I fight it because stepping outside your comfort is important: to your personal growth, your business and your life as a whole!

Until you do… you will never fulfil the true YOU.

How YOU Can Step Outside Your Comfort Zone (TODAY)!!

You are a scared, vulnerable human. This is great. Embrace this.

But do not let it hold you back from fulfilling your dreams.

This is your life. OWN IT… TAKE CONTROL!!

Right now, think of something you like to do but are afraid to share with others. For me, it’s singing. For you, it may be dancing, writing, performing, or even going up to a stranger and saying hello…

Whatever it is, make today the day you step out of your comfort zone and do it anyway.

  • Fight your fear…
  • Overcome your discomfort…
  • Tell your ego to take a seat…

Record yourself doing it and then share it with me using the Instagram Hashtag: #ginicanandicantoo

Share it with me.

Share it with others reading this.

Have today be the start of a new journey.

That’s where I’m at. This marks the beginning of my new singing adventure. Right now, I’m no good. But I love singing and I WILL improve. I already hired a singing coach and I keep pushing the boundaries.

People have told me my entire life I can’t do certain things. I’ve proved them wrong each time.


You can too… if you choose to. #ginicanandicantoo

It will be the hardest thing you do today, but also the most empowering.

It will set you free, and allow you to live the life you’re meant to.

It will help you TRUST in yourself!

Do it. Share the experience with me. Follow me and my singing journey that’s just begun

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