How to Establish a Successful Brand Identity for a New Business

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If you’re rolling out a new business this year, chances are that you want to know the best ways to establish a successful brand identity to promote your business. Brand identity is important because it is typically the first thing that people see. Brand identity encompasses your company’s name, focus, and logo. It also includes your values and brand mission.

What your brand means, what products or services are offered, and how you present your business all make up a good brand identity.

Here are 10 top online marketing strategies to create a brand identity that successfully communicates your business to your target audience.

1. Choose Your Focus

Maybe you already have a product or a service. Identify the specific thing that your business offers to customers. The most successful brand identities create something of value that meets a need.

2. Select Your Business Name

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare once asked. More than 400 years later, names are still important. What you choose to call your business can help it fail or thrive.

When selecting a business name, it’s important to create one that is clear and memorable. It’s a good idea to steer clear of words that might appear tacky, offensive, or too difficult to remember.

Brands like Nike, Apple, or Fracture know that a carefully chosen word can create a powerful impact.

3. Find Your Target Audience

After choosing your company’s service and name, it’s time to find the audience that benefits from your business.

Here are three quick steps to choosing your target audience

  • Identify the type of people that would use your business

Do you paint homes? Market your business to homeowners in the area. If you plan to sell online rather than in a physical location (or a combination of both), this expands your marketing opportunities.

  • Determine your audience’s needs

What does your audience need? If you have current clients, find out what is important to them.

  • Pinpoint how your business can meet those needs

How does your business fulfill what customers want? What can you do to offer quality customer service tailored to your target audience?

4. Consistently Apply Brand Identity Across Business Channels

Your website, online advertising, social media presence, customer service, and print or packaging should align with your brand look and values.

Here is an example of a local painting company that offers house painting services and marketing strategies to stand out from the competition. Arizona’s Best Family Painting business decided to use images from their local region to show that they identify with offering quality painting services in their local area.

5. Define Your Brand Mission

It’s likely that you started your company because you wanted to make a difference.

Define what your business means. What do you care about? What do you hope to achieve? Maybe you are passionate about investing in the community, creating local jobs, and offering quality work at affordable rates. Identifying your core values helps your business stand out so people can get on board with your mission.

6. Research Competitors

One key strategy involves finding out what your competitors are doing. This knowledge enables you to differentiate your business from competitors and give it a unique spin to stand out from the crowd. Present your brand in a convincing way through your website, advertisements, or sales promotions.

7. Design Your Brand Look 

Now it’s time to design your brand’s look. Choose a color scheme. Design an eye-catching font or unique logo that is instantly recognizable.

8. Craft Your Slogan

Another important technique is crafting the right slogan. Create one that is short, catchy, and helps people remember who you are.

9. Start Advertising

At this point, you are well on your way to establishing a successful brand identity. Customers are a business’s lifeblood. A great way to get their attention is through online advertising. You can do this on your website and across social media platforms. You can run Facebook Ads or build an email list that offers regular sales and deals to keep customers interested.

10. Build Trust

Business is based on trust. Market your business as trustworthy by offering top-notch customer service and quality every time. This will help build a trusted and familiar brand identity and develop customer loyalty.


A strong and successful brand identity communicates to customers your company’s personality, mission, and services.

A successful brand identity uses cutting-edge marketing strategies to convince your customers that your values match your product quality and customer service.

Creating a reputation for loyalty, trust, and quality will help boost your business’s success.

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