How to get More Publicity for Your Business in 2021

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If you’re like the majority of business owners, one day you hope to see your name in lights. All the big media companies and news outlets knocking on your door, hoping for a chance to cover your story. Well, the chances are you aren’t in the 0.01% who do. 

If you’re not a household name, a well-known celebrity or top influencer, the chances are you might struggle to get any organic, inbound publicity for your business. 

However, this certainly does not rule out being able to get media publiclity for your business, as when you know the right tools and strategies, it can greatly increase your chances of standing out amongst the thousands of pitches that these outlets receive weekly. 

If you are looking to elevate your status and take your business to the next level, here are 3 ways to get you trending in the right direction.

Build Relationships 

This might be glaringly obvious, but most people fail to realise that cold dm or emailing a journalist won’t work 99% of the time. You can greatly improve your chances by doing the following:

  1. Connect with a relevant journalist on Linkedin
  2. Add value to them – like, comment and share their posts
  3. Compliment them personally on their work via DM
  4. Offer your expert opinion on your area of knowledge for one of their upcoming pieces

What you’ve got to realise is that it’s a game of reciprocity. If you give more than you take, the odds will end up being far more strongly in your favour. 

Become The Best at What You Do

As the saying goes: ‘don’t get bitter, get better”. It can be very easy to get upset or discouraged when we don’t reach our publicity goals. Oftentimes, it can be a matter of getting better at our craft and showcasing our work to more people before we can really create a buzz. Focus on honing in on your craft, delivering insane amounts of value and ultimately, being the one people can’t help but talk about.

Find a Middle-Man

Like most industries, there are always catalysts (or agencies) who are able to facilitate things that we didn’t know were possible. When it comes to PR as a business owner with little experience, it can be near impossible to get any kind of publicity.

However, like my team at Boost Media Agency does, we bridge the gap on the possibilities when it comes to getting PR. If you want to save yourself countless hours, thousands of dollars and truly position your brand for success, get in touch here. 

There you have 3 simple ways you can build towards getting more publicity in 2021.

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