How to Get More Retweets and Likes on Twitter

We have a very good idea of how Twitter works. We know that we need to post regularly, not overuse the hashtags- kept the tweets simple and sweet for retweets, etc. We also know that we have to incorporate a good amount of videos and images that help in boosting engagement.

However, despite putting in your best efforts- it is still possible that you are unable to get the Twitter engagement that you would like. There are too many tweets that are posted on the site every day, therefore it’s not always that you get to see the engagement that you would like.

Moreover, Twitter is no longer an optional social media platform. It is something of a necessity because all the important people are present on this portal. Do you want to get heard? You want people to notice you and your opinions? Then there is simply no better place than Twitter. Everyone’s using it and so should you.

In this article, we have tried to talk about how to get more retweets and likes. This has become necessary because people everywhere depend on Twitter to get an insight into the minds of their idols. If you are planning to leave a good impact on your audience, then we suggest you make good use of this app. Let’s find out how-

Buy Twitter Retweets and Likes

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The entire idea of interaction is why the buying of actual Twitter likes is becoming an extremely successful idea. We would say otherwise, but there are many individuals out there who would recommend that you should not fall for those schemes.

It can be said that these followers may often be bots and computerized, but engagement is essentially engagement. Thus, in the end, when you are able to get comments and likes- it will only improve your Twitter account performance.

Below are the best sites where you can buy likes and retweets-

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How to Organically Increase Engagement on Twitter

twitter marketing

  • Understand Your Audience

If you want tweets to hit home, and reach the right people, then you have to get a good understanding of what your audience is like. Therefore, you have to try and create relatable content that your viewers can appreciate. There are various benefits to social listening, and there are several ways in which you can achieve the same.

For instance, you should find out what your customers really think about a particular topic. At the same time, doing this will help you re-evaluate your brand image along with its strengths. You should also remember that you have to supplement your data with real opinions, facts, and infographics. Moreover, it is also important to get the opinions of your customers on your rivals and competition.

Twitter’s Advanced Search is a great option for you to find out what your audience likes. If you’re looking got generic terms then you will easily be able to look past some of the irrelevant options. The greatest part is that you are also allowed to save your searches. This means that you can get a look into your private hashtags.

You should also try to keep your tweets as search-friendly as possible. This means, that you have to try and stick to your theme and brand. If you post irrelevant material that has no significance for the rest of your audience- then you might begin to lose followers. If you want to increase the number of reposts

  • Interact with Your Followers

When talking to your audience, you need to understand the difference between tone and voice. The voice is actually the brand’s personality- a very important part of its identity- and tone is the mood that your brand has from one day to the next. Although tone can change now and then, depending on context- the voice must remain the same.

The best way to interact with your followers is replying them in the comment section. Another great way to engage with your audience is asking them questions and showing genuine interest in what they have to say. This way, your audience will feel involved and will know that you care about their presence.

At the same time it is not possible for you to reply to every comment online. Therefore, it is advisable that you think of some replies to common comments that you are likely to get. Here are some replies that you can make to certain comments-

  • Thank you for your feedback
  • We are so glad you understand what we’re trying to say!
  • You are absolutely amazing- stay tuned for more.
  • Have you heard this before? Do you want to add anything more?

Preparing answers to everyday questions and comments will help you reply faster and you won’t have to be on your toes all the time. Of course, these phrases have to be used with a certain amount of variation because you can’t reply with the same thing over and over.

Also, you should always keep a certain number of pictures, gifs, and videos on hand. You can always reply to a comment with one of these multimedia and get an even better response from your audience. Moreover, this will show people how devoted you are towards your opinion, and you will be taken more seriously.

  • Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are an important part of Twitter. Therefore, they can be very powerful in determining what kind of response you get. There are a number of different ways in which you can use your hashtags. This ranges from simple business direction to incredibly powerful, personal hashtags. When talking about Twitter you have to be careful in selecting the kind of hashtags you want to employ.

A lot of people don’t understand exactly how hashtags can be used- but the best way to think of them is in terms of SEO. What kind of keywords is the most important in your industry? Moreover, what kind of keywords will attract your audience to your content and blogs? Naturally, these keywords will have to be used as hashtags when making a tweet.

Hashtags are very powerful and really important- irrespective of what a novice might think. The truth is these are some of the best tools which can help you market your products at any platform. On twitter hashtags help you gain the right recognition at the right time. Another way you can pick the right hashtags is by tracking influencers. Just examine the keywords being used by big twitter figures and follow their example.

When you have to find hashtags, you can also make use of social media tools. They will always provide you an insight on what you want, and what is currently trending. For example, after you log in to twitter you will be able to see a number of hashtags that are presently trending. If you can find anything relevant to your brand here, then there’s no harm in checking it out or using it.

  • Use The Right Tools

You’ll actually want to do some hashtag analysis to find the best hashtags before you start using a hashtag aggregator app. Look for third-party platforms if you can’t find everything you need via the tools of a social media network. If possible, you should also try and take a look at social media analytics. These will often give you an insight on the trending hashtags and relevant content for your brand.

You don’t have to be thinking about your budget at all times. There are a large number of free, zero cost options that can help you out and monitor your hashtags. Of course, you always need to find what is best for your brand. Such tools will help you get the hashtags that you need to aggregate for a particular post.

Naturally, you can also make use of various hashtag aggregator tools to help yourself find the best hashtags. You just need to pick some that are important to your brand and monitor the growth of your posts. This way you will be able to tap into the hashtags that are trending. Moreover, you can’t just use any random hashtag but you have to pick one which is relevant to your opinion.

Although there are various hashtags already out there, with a little work you can still create something special. To investigate if a hashtag is already being used, either use a third-party hashtag analytics application or the hashtag aggregation tool.

  • Make Your Tweets Fun

One important thing with Twitter is that you need to stay informal, and fun- even if your profile is otherwise very professional. This is because many times it’s a lot easier to get the desired engagement on Twitter when your laid back, fun and are able to reflect your company without sounding too factual, or professionally stringent.

Obviously, you need to be a little laid back when deciding the format of your tweets. The whole concept of social media is to have fun. There is already a lot of professional sounding material online in news, work documents, and so on. People would want to read your post only if it provides them a break from the traditional stuff of media.

Also, you cannot post things at any random time of the day. You have to choose a time in which the probability of engagement is at its maximum. When looking for the perfect time, you have to tale care of your client base as well. It is often suggested that you post on Twitter mainly from Monday to Thursday, and if possible- before 8 PM. It has been seen that at this time of the day, people are more active on Twitter than usual.

However, if you are posting on Fridays, then try and do so before 3PM. Although, this will help you get started- there are other things you must do as well. One you have to ensure that you are actually engaging people during this time. Secondly, you have to try and share images because people on social media simply love visuals.

  • Make Relatable Content

You have to get a clear idea of what your crowd is like because you want tweets to hit home and meet the right people. You must also strive to create relatable material that can be enjoyed by your audience. Social listening has various advantages, and there are many ways in which you can achieve the same.

You should find out, for example, what your clients actually think about a specific topic. Doing this at the same time will help you re-evaluate the image of the brand along with its strengths. You should also note that with actual thoughts, figures, and infographics, you have to complement your results. In addition, it is also important to get your clients’ views on your rivals and rivalry.

Advanced Search from Twitter is a perfect alternative for you to figure out what your crowd wants. You would quickly be able to look past any of the meaningless alternatives if you’re searching for generic words. The best thing is that your searches are also allowed to be stored. That means you can take a look at your own hashtags.

Try to make the tweets as search-friendly as possible, too. That means you’ve got to try to stick to your brand and style. If you post meaningless content that doesn’t matter to the rest of your audience, so you can start losing fans. If you like to maximise the archive count,

  • Show Genuine Interest

You ought to consider the distinction in tone of speech when speaking to the audience. In reality, the voice is the personality of the brand—a very significant part of its identity—and the sound is the mood the brand has from day to day. After you have made this distinction, you have to maintain the theme in any interaction you have with your followers.

Replying to them in the comment section is the perfect way to communicate with your fans. Asking them questions and expressing a curiosity in what they have to suggest is another perfect way to communicate with the audience. Your audience will feel engaged in this way and will know you care for their involvement.

It will help you adapt quicker by scheduling responses to daily questions and remarks, and you won’t be required to stay alert all the time. These expressions have to be used with a certain degree of variety, of course, so you can’t answer again and again with the same phrase.

Also, you can still have a certain amount of photos, gifs, and videos on hand. With one of these multimedia, you can still respond to a comment and get an even better reaction from your audience. In addition, this will show individuals how committed you are to your view, and you will be taken more seriously.


We have given you a good idea of how Twitter works in this article. We know we need to periodically update, not overuse the hashtags-keep the tweets fast and nice for retweets, etc. We also recognize that a good range of videos and photographs have to be implemented to help improve participation.

Despite your best intentions, though, it is always likely that you are unable to get the Twitter interaction you desire. There are so many tweets that are shared regularly on the web, so you don’t really get to see the engagement you expect.

Twitter, however, does not remain an optional forum for social media. As all the relevant individuals are involved on this portal, it has turned into a necessity. Do you want to be heard? Would you want people to notice you and your views? There’s simply no way better than Twitter. It has clearly become the platform people rely on for daily information.

Therefore, if you want to understand how you can hack the system and use twitter to the best- then make sure you read our article above.

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