How to Get Real Free Instagram Likes in 2021: 11 Easy Steps

Instagram likes can be referred to as ‘points’ that an IG post accrues when Instagrammers ‘like’ the content you are displaying. It is crucial for anyone looking to promote their products or services or trying to build an IG influencer platform. Instagram likes is a metric you can use to keep track of your general popularity or success. The Instagram algorithm uses likes as one of the measures to determine whose content gets shown to a larger audience.

Instagram likes is a real resource that you need to make your profile effective, popular, and more visible. Due to stiff competition on the platform, getting likes is a time-consuming challenge that most IG users face. Some of the largest Instagram accounts and upcoming influencers are quickening this process by buying real likes. They get real likes and other reputable sites at friendly prices. This has become a common efficient way to get more real likes. Other ways you can gain real free IG likes include:

  • Research Your Audience

Knowing who your audience boosts your hopes for what Instagram can do to your brand or you personally. You need to find out who you are targeting and tirelessly pursue their approval. Your profile, posts, and Stories should stand out by speaking to your ideal audience. This way, you will attract people who will respond to your content and get you more likes.

  • Post Consistently

Even after buying real likes from a trusted site like LeoBoost, it is not a guarantee for continuous popularity. To keep this up, you need to keep your audience hooked up by sharing quality content consistently. When your content keeps showing up on time every day or week, people are likely to tune in getting you a continuous flow of likes. However, if you have a sporadic posting schedule, it will be more challenging for you to gather a loyal following.

  • Post When Your Followers are Looking

Consistency is key when trying to get more likes and new followers. Knowing when to post will get you better results. It is one of the most efficient ways of building up an audience. After doing target audience research, you can find out when most of them are online. For example, if you are targeting students, you can publish in the morning, evening, or when the sun goes down. You will also find it easier to create a content-sharing calendar.

  • Write Captivating Captions

Instagram is mainly a visual platform. However, it is also good to increase the quality of your content with captivating captions. They add context to an image that can bring people to tears or smiles. It is also a great way to collect more likes from a piece of content. You can use both long and short captions depending on your type of content and what you want to convey.

  • Take the Best Photos Possible

Being a visual-eccentric platform, the quality of pictures shared on Instagram is highly competitive. Therefore, you need to take fantastic photos that can rack up a large number of likes. You can also hone your artistic and photographic skills through a lot of practice to ensure that every picture you share is good.

You should also avoid using copy/pasted or cookie-cutter photos from other people’s profiles. Business owners targeting to reach the ‘Explore Page’ should always share high-quality pictures of their products or services.

  • Tag Relevant People and Brands

Do you want to get the attention of a new audience? Tagging people and other brands expose your content to new followers. However, you should only do this when relevant. Avoid tagging people and brands just to get attention. Instead, you can tag people and brands to show how much you value them and use this opportunity to share entertaining and valuable content with your audience.

  • Use Hashtags

If you are not using hashtags in your Instagram posts, you are missing out on an opportunity to boost your visibility. They are some of the most valuable tools that make your content easy to find by a relevant audience and get you more likes. To get your content before the eyes of interested Instagrammers, you should use high-quality hashtags that relate to your content or niche.

  • Share User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC can be attractive and fun to share with your followers and targeted audience because of its perceived authenticity. It is also a great way to show gratitude to your loyal fans. Some of them make the effort to create videos and take pictures with your products and send them to you or post them and tag you.

  • Run a Contest

If your IG account is struggling to generate engagement, running a contest is a great way to involve your audience in your content. To make it more effective, you can promise them an attractive prize. You should also keep it specific and relevant to your target audience to avoid general freeloaders. Your post on the contest will gain a huge number of likes and when you stick to your promise, you will create a loyal following and a guarantee of likes in your future posts.

  • Use Geotags

Geotags are a great and efficient way of letting people know where you are. This makes them feel more grounded in your content or life. Using geotags is also a great way of building a sense of community with your locals in your city or hometown. You can cross-promote your business with the real-world.

  • Cross-Promotion

IG influencers and brands can help one another through cross-promotion. If both parties are bound to benefit, it is a good strategy to help each other get more likes quickly. It helps you get and connect with new fans hence strengthening your brand. You can also cross-promote your content on various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram likes are vital to your account growth. Therefore, you should consider implementing the tips above to get more free likes. If the process is a bit too slow for you, you can buy real likes from LeoBoost for quicker IG growth.


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