How to Handle Being Let Down by Someone Who Motivates You

Some days ago I wrote on my Facebook timeline something I consider to be a powerful quote. But it might take a moment to fully grab this, so here it is.

Sometimes the people who start us don’t run us till the very end the destination – They’ll most likely teach us a lesson along the way, motivate us, then drop off so that we can move up to the next level.

This process isn’t a pleasurable one for the one who is learning as they tend to rely too much on the person who is teaching and they always don’t want to let go.

The reason I wrote this is that I’ve discovered that most people just shut down or drain out of power immediately after someone who serves as their motivation drops off for a while or totally leaves them and moves on.

They are suddenly unable to carry on from where they were left off and stay lit till sunrise again. Just like a solar system chargers a lamp and helps it to stay in power till sunrise again for another charge, we mostly act like an ordinary battery, (a battery that can’t retain charge) most of us just drain out almost immediately once there’s no sunlight again.

If you keep doing this, you’ll never become useful for yourself or for others as well; you’ll just be discarded and substituted for another.

Most people (even in our conventional families) have been substituted like this. Most uncles, aunties, cousins etc. who have failed to be useful in playing their role have been replaced long ago, sometimes by an outsider (a total stranger).

Look at your life: are you gradually becoming discardable? Or are you self-reliant when there is no sun to power you, can you hold charge till the sun appears again (Sun is a metaphor here)?

I had to write this because most people still do not understand that some people aren’t going to (or aren’t meant to) drive them to the end of the road (journey). Some will have to drop off and let someone else take the wheel from there; but, before the next driver comes on, will you be able to hold a charge and stay steady (consistent)?

You’ll also need to understand that not everytime will you likely find good motivation (good drivers), and there will be cloudy & even rainy days. Will you still be steady and highly motivated, staying positive till someone genuine comes along again? Or will you just quit and tell yourself “damn, I can’t freaking do this”.

I’ve been examining my own personal life, too, and I’ve come to realize that most of the bad decisions I’ve made weren’t the result of a bad outside influence or from peer pressure (as we’d often lay heaps of blames on) but from my lack of motivation, I was reluctant to keep the light on and get going even when no one is cheering me up. When no one applauds my efforts – when no single one of my 2k+ people on my Facebook profile like my (supposed awesome post) etc…

But I have realized that this isn’t enough reason to ever quit on anything. Whether you’re getting attention, applause yet or cheers of great work or not, I believe your focus point should be on staying consistent until sunrise again, until momentum sets in, until you glow to the extent that the world would have to stand still and appreciate your light.

That is the kind of awesome person you should be. As I’m dropping the pen on this one, I want to leave you with this motivation: don’t get drained, don’t quit on yourself when you are left off to carry on.

Understand that if you are not left alone, sometimes, you won’t discover and become fully aware of the power that lies within. You’ll always think you can’t live without external support.

You won’t be able to appreciate your potential and let others admire your abilities.

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