How to Hustle Like Matt Hubble

Everyone talks about “hustling,” but fewer people are able to point to exactly what they do to engage in this practice. Matt Hubble, who currently works to nurture economic development in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area by creating media, has a lot of experience with this. His admirable approach to life, beginning with his childhood struggle with Tourette’s Syndrome, has involved developing self-discipline and awareness.

Beginning with influencer marketing, Hubble has transcended many of the expectations the outside world might have had for him. Now, he has experience and connections in the worlds of fitness, media development, finance, and more. How did Matt Hubble achieve such a great network so young?

Hubble credits his success with his ability to network effectively. His tips are emphatic. First, “The first rule for connecting with a high-profile figure, decision maker, or anyone really, is to BE INTERESTED rather than INTERESTING.” By this, he means you have to be a good listener, and approach networking in a manner that shows the person you are truly interested in what they are doing.

The second tip Hubble offers is creative, and might remind you of how you approached high school crushes (at least, that’s what it reminded me of): get close with their inner circle. Apply the first tip as you meet people close to your original networking target, and keep in mind that these people, too, will have a lot to offer.

Next, do research. Hubble focuses on finding decision-makers in companies and reaching out in a strategic way, rather than blindly pursuing CEOs and other well-known figures simply because of the name recognition factor.

Finally, Hubble recommends following up in a proactive way that makes it very easy to connect. For example, he includes a link to his calendar so the prospective connection can easily figure out a good time to talk.   

Hubble’s hustle is not all networking, though. His story is one of enormous self-discipline and commitment. His struggles with Tourette’s Syndrome in childhood were met with unconditional love from his family, but he had to find a way to succeed in the outside world: “… I always tried to gamify my tics, and would use meditative-like practices as ways of challenging myself to resist them in public or at school.” This led to the discipline he found in bodybuilding and the fitness world.

Hubble has experienced some setbacks, however. For example, after flying to Los Angeles with his own funds and being blown off by a prospective client, he realized that the Hollywood business culture was not for him. Yet this has pivoted into a positive thing: Hubble realized he could focus on North Carolina, his home, and make money while doing something he valued.

With this history of self-discipline, Hubble’s success seems inevitable – and even intimidating. Yet anyone can try his networking tips or work meditative practices in their own lives.

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