How To Increase Mouse Speed In Windows 10

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Effortlessly moving the mouse/mouse, so that it only takes a small movement with it, and the cursor can move a great distance on the computer screen quickly, contributes a lot for us dystrophic to have a more fruitful and comfortable experience when operating. the PC.

Three factors influence being able to handle the mouse more quickly:

  • Increase mouse cursor speed in Windows so that minimal hand movement is sufficient for the cursor to travel large distances on the screen.
  • Acquire a mouse whose resolution is above 800 DPI (dots per inch), because the higher the resolution, the greater and faster the cursor will move.
    • if you can’t get a mouse with good resolution, you can reduce the resolution of your monitor in the Windows settings, which also makes the cursor go further with less hand movement, but at the cost of fitting much less stuff on the screen.
    • Note: If you’re in the mood and want to measure your mouse’s DPI. you can do a click speed test to know the speed of your device.
  • Use quality mousepad, as smooth as possible and clean frequently.

Configure Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

Step 1: Click on the Start button.

Step 2: Click Settings.

Step 3: In the window that opens, click Devices.

Step 4: In the left pane, click Mouse & Touchpad.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Additional Mouse Options under Related Settings.

Step 6: In the window that opens, click on the Pointer Options tab.

Step 7: Place the Select a pointer speed item at the Fast level.

Step 8: If it is checked, uncheck the item Improve Pointer Precision.

Step 9: Click OK.

Did you know Razer Viper 8KHz is the world’s fastest mouse?

Razer’s newest gaming mouse is faster than you ever thought you’d need.

The original Razer Viper was amazing, so much so that it has been the best mouse for professional gamers since it was released. Razer didn’t stop there and following the wireless version comes the first update of the original model. The Razer Viper 8KHz is officially the fastest gaming mouse in the world.

But what does that really mean? The hint is in the name, and 8KHz refers to a polling rate of 8000Hz. That’s 8x faster than other leading gaming mice, including from Razer, which means 8x more data transfer every second. This kind of performance is hard to quantify as something you can measure with the naked eye, but the more technical explanation makes it clear why it matters to gamers.

Polling rate is how often a device reports data to the PC, with an industry-standard of up to 1000 Hz (1000 times per second). Razer HyperPolling technology uses a high-speed USB microcontroller to surpass this standard with a true polling rate of 8000 Hz. This allows the Viper 8 KHz to send up to eight times more data per second, effectively reducing input lag from 1 ms to just 1/8 of a millisecond.

Minor input delays are always welcome, even if your brain couldn’t keep up. Plus, Razer’s HyperPolling has better and faster data push to work in tandem with today’s ultra-fast gaming monitors. This, in turn, leads to smoother tracking, disappearing micro stutters, and more accurate cursor position.

The rest of the Viper 8KHz has also been updated with the latest and greatest from Razer, while retaining the main features of the original, such as the ambidextrous body with eight programmable buttons, absurdly lightweight construction, and SpeedFlex cable that remains so light that it’s almost like it’s not there.

Underneath the Viper 8KHz are Razer’s latest second-generation optical switches and the latest Focus+ optical sensor, both of which are upgrades from the original model. Onboard storage has also been increased to five unique profiles in line with Razer’s commitment to let you move your mouse between machines freely, without the need to install Synapse. 

The Viper 8KHz will only cost $80. Sales start on January 28 but we still don’t know when the peripheral will reach the national market. 

Source: Windows Central

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