How to Know Which CBD Products are Above the Rest

Now more than ever, people are looking for natural ways to stay healthy, calm, and stress-free. Whether it’s a rest from the burdens of life, work, or something else entirely (like the shift to a COVID-19 lockdown,) there has to be an alternative to painkillers, recreational drug and alcohol use, and unhealthy self-care. 

Enter cannabidiol (CBD,) a safe, natural, and legal way to feel relaxed and renewed, and something that everyone has heard of and seen by now.  

CBD products help with a variety of body ailments from sore muscles to back pain to muscle strain. They also assist with joint pain, inflammation, and dehydration. They even help to relax the mind. But there are so many brands! 

A company like American-made Gold Spectrum CBD, for example, believes that it is important to empower their customers to live their healthiest lives. When doing so, people will be able to seize the day once again. They will also be able to approach every task that they perform with vigor and a rested spirit.

5 Product Guarantees for CBD

A solid CBD company should offer five guarantees from their products along with their benefits:

  1. The products target your health and wellness needs.
  2. The company uses the highest quality and most potent strains of hemp.
  3. The oils have the highest CBD concentration in the market.
  4. There are no additives or impurities.
  5. They have high-potency CBD that it will not get you high (as CBD Isolate does not contain THC.)

A small-batch CBD product like Gold Spectrum CBD contains all of the terpenes and cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, without the psychoactive effects of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol.) A CBD Hemp Isolate is a 99% isolate extracted from the purest CBD and all extracted from a THC-free plant. A Gold Spectrum CBD Isolate is perfect for consumers who don’t want the presence of THC in their products.

Hemp extract should always be created through rigorous testing and refining to produce the most potent strains. Maximum potency is critical for the right CBD product and not all products are the same. The more experienced the harvesters and creators, like Gold Spectrum, the better the product, and while many companies promise potency, not everyone delivers. 

The market, however, is full of CBD products from oils and gels to gum and chewables (as well as bath bombs and bath salts.) In an over-saturated market like this, it’s almost impossible to know which products are pure, potent, and effective. A CBD company like Gold Spectrum has principles that focus on quality with respect to the latest CBD research, wellness in the context of the customer’s health and goals, and in delivery and functionality. The product should be treated for maximum purity and potency, as many products are watered down or not originally created with the right approach to science and wellness.  

The right CBD company should aim to empower its clients to live their healthiest lives and have them feel their best, no matter what. Gold Spectrum does just that. 

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