How to Launch a Successful Beauty Brand

As the beauty industry continues to grow involving various icons such as Rihanna, Tracie Ellis Ross, and much more, many people are asking themselves, “What are some things that I should do to build my beauty brand?” Elizabeth Davis, owner of Shedavi, gives us three tips on how to launch your own beauty brand and how to be successful in the beauty industry.

Elizabeth Davis pivoted her career from construction engineering to building a million dollar, Black owned, hair care brand. Elizabeth uniquely applied her knowledge of the design, engineering, construction and project management process that would typically be used in the building process to grow the foundation of Shedavi’s success.

1. Know the direction of the beauty industry.

Staying on trend is great, but that’s not all there is to it. Remember to pay attention to what is really happening in the beauty industry and how it’s shifting. Take a look at a few of your favorite beauty brands and identify which ones are always ahead of the trends, the ones that can say, “I did it first.” Those are brands that keep eyes open to what’s happening internally and externally in this industry.

2. Be all talk and all action! 

The most important part about starting a beauty brand is actually starting. Setting yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals for your brand is what will keep the wheels turning. Make sure to always Always be a few steps ahead of yourself to ensure the  months ahead are already taken care of.  This will allow you to work on minor details while working towards the bigger picture. 

3. Perfect your product.

It took over a year for Shedavi to get everything just right before it was launched. Davis tested her products on herself first to show that she was not only selling these products, but also a consumer of them. Customers are looking for reassurance, they want to know that you practice what you preach and that the products you are producing are good quality. It is vital to take your time in the product development stage. This will allow you to gain the trust of your customers and feel good about the product you are providing them.

These three tips have not only grown beauty brands but have also sustained them. 

About Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis is the owner and founder of Shedavi, an all natural, vegan-based, Black owned, hair care brand. Launching Shedavi in 2016, Elizabeth was able to grow her beauty brand into a million dollar enterprise in 2017. Pivoting from construction engineering to beauty, Elizabeth has inspired many to pursue their dreams. To learn more about Elizabeth’s journey and products, visit her website:


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