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How to Make Mushroom Picking Safer for Workers?

There’s a number of dangers connected to picking mushrooms on a mushroom growing farm. There’s a possibility of the trolley colliding with other objects, a hand getting caught between the trolley and the shelf, slipping on the platform and much more. As such, the farms’ owners should take certain steps to make sure that the working environment is as safe as possible.

Those steps include, above all, selecting equipment that has modern, advanced safety systems in place. It’s especially important to choose a good mushroom picking lorry, as its platform is the place where a picker will spend most of their time. But what features exactly should a lorry have to make picking safer? We’ll answer this question below.

An advanced system for detecting obstacles is a must

Top of the line mushroom picking lorries is equipped with sensors that detect obstacles in the area and automatically stop the lorry if there’s a risk of collision. It’s a critical safety feature since it’s not impossible for an object or another worker to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Relying just on the worker’s reflex to stop the lorry in time instead of this technology would be a mistake. Sometimes a distraction that lasts just a fraction of a second can lead to missing incoming obstacles, which could have devastating consequences. As such, it’s much better to bet on an automated system – it never gets distracted.

There’s no need to worry about how the electrical components will handle the harsh conditions of the mushroom growing farm since they are locked in an airtight electric cabinet. They are completely sealed off from humidity and other potentially harmful factors, which increases their longevity.

Safety features don’t have to be electrical

An electrical safety system, such as the one described above, is very important to stopping potentially very dangerous accidents from occurring. However, it’s worth noting that it’s not the only part of the lorry that keeps the worker’s safety. In addition to such systems, modern lorries also rely on tried and tested solutions that don’t require electricity.

For example, in the PASCAL mushroom picking lorry, working platforms prevent falling by using non-slip materials and having railings on the sides. A reliable, solid hinge placed in the doors makes it so they open inwards and eliminates the possibility of the workers picking without closing them. Not relying on electrical components when they are not absolutely necessary is a smart design choice, as traditional hinges are more failure-proof than even the best quality electrical systems.

By choosing high-quality equipment made with safety in mind, it’s possible to avoid any accidents and other problems. What’s also important, technologically advanced security systems don’t compromise the efficiency of the picking – quite the opposite. Thanks to them, the picking isn’t interrupted by constant breaks caused by dangerous situations. Lorries that fit this description can be bought from experienced, trusted suppliers, such as GROW TIME.

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