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How to Share Your Expertise and Grow a Brand with Online Video

Discover how to grow your brand and reach by using online video.

Of the many different ways to create content on the internet today, video content is now being created, shared and absorbed more than ever. Not only is it the preferred method for creating and sharing content, it’s also the most sought after method of content while on a mobile device, or to share with friends and family on social media.

However, one of the most common problems with video content is the creation process — and also that many people don’t want to physically be on camera. If you are looking for high-end equipment and photography software, this can just complicate the process even more.

The good news is, through a video maker by simpleshow, anyone can create amazing explainer videos with real-life voice overs and more. By using a video maker tool (SaaS AI-based and DIY) like the one developed by the tech company simpleshow, anyone can create a professional and engaging video within minutes.

With this in mind, today we are going to highlight the best ways to not only create video content to improve your expertise and passion for a topic, but to also establish yourself as an expert within your own niche market or industry as well.

Let’s get started.

Creating Content that Revolves Around Your Brand

When creating any type of content, whether it be written or video, it’s important to make sure you have a script and end goal in mind. After all, the goal of all content is to provide value and give the end user what they are looking for.

For professionals and experts looking to improve their reach, expertise and services, it’s important to make sure all of your videos are quick to the point, heavily focused on one topic or question, and also answers all of the necessary questions.

All too often, we see content creators focus way too much time on making longer videos. This isn’t always ideal, as most people have a short attention span and will close out the video, never to come back.

Share Your Video Content Everywhere

It’s one thing to create content and have something meaningful to share with the rest of the world, but if you aren’t actively sharing it and getting it in front of the right people, what’s the point?

In order to effectively get the most out of your video content creation and marketing efforts, we recommend focusing on the following key areas.

  • Website or Blog: If you already have a website or blog, this would be the ideal location to post your videos. Not only will it be great content for your site, but you can surround your video with written text content, which can help improve search rankings and new traffic to your site.
  • YouTube Channel: YouTube is the largest video search engine in the world. With billions of people accessing the site, it would be a huge mistake to not take advantage of the platform and search traffic they have in place.
  • Social Media: Nearly all individuals and brands have a social profile and online following. These are audiences that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, which is why it makes perfect sense to start sharing your video content across all social platforms.
  • Newsletter or Mailing List: Just like social media, many professionals and organizations have mailing lists as well. This is yet another great way to keep users informed on your latest content. And even better, from within your mailing list, you can then link to your site content with additional videos and content can be found.

As much time as you spend on the video creation process, even more time should be spent on the marketing of it. It’s also important to make sure you continually promote your older content, so new audiences can easily find and share it with others.

Measure the Engagement and ROI of Your Video Content

As referenced earlier, video content is extremely important, and when creating it, the end user should always be kept in mind. Without any added value to the end user, it’s just another video to clutter up the internet.

To make sure your videos are offering real value and working for your own goals, it’s important to have engagement tracking and ROI measures in place. 

These can be as simple as a unique call to action or coupon code included within each video, or even requesting comments, likes, shares and feedback on each video you release.

The more engagement you have with an audience, the better your videos will perform. And not only that, but you will also learn more about the type of content your audiences prefer most.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Video Content at All Times

With more video content on the internet than ever before, it’s important to make sure your content is working for you at all times. This means you need to have the right content and messaging for your audience, while also delivering quality and value in the process.

As more people are using their mobile devices and social media to find what they are looking for, you will want to continually share your best content across all platforms possible.

While all of this is going on, it’s important to grow your following, subscriber list and feedback and call to actions on your videos as well. Be sure to follow these tips, and you will likely see 2021 be your best year for video content yet!


Written by Kristel Staci

Kristel Staci is an entrepreneur and freelance writer that focuses on everything related to social media, online marketing and finance. To see what Kristel is currently working on, you can visit her blog at

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