When you do an excellent job, you will always have great results. In a professional career, it means promotions, in the case of a company that means profits, growth, and great alliances. When your company stands out in your sector, you will see how other brands will want to collaborate or even ask for your participation in their business.

Harley Cannard knows that first hand, as he runs a large marketing and e-commerce company. AMZ Automation Australia is well known in the digital world, dedicated to providing a high-quality service, which guarantees great results. Since its inception, this Cannard venture has not stopped growing. Their biggest challenge has been to manage the expansion of their company.

Harls, as he is known by his friends, had the idea to start an e-commerce business after attending an online chat about it. He saw that he had the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this industry, as he had already succeeded in promoting his two previous businesses.

With the idea in mind, Cannard called a friend and set out to put it to work. Creating an agency that would handle marketing, customer service, social media management, among others, was ambitious for a team of two. But this didn’t stop them, and they launched the network campaign with an investment of $100.

The Success of Quality Work

With the arrival of their first customers, Cannard and his partner were delighted, they gave their best and the satisfaction of their customers was total. This triggered an exponential growth of the company, which they were not prepared to handle. They had to hire people, and, within months, they went from a team of two to a company of 20 full-time people.

Thanks to their good marketing management, they reached new audiences, but their quality work was what kept and attracted new clients. In nine months, their $100 investment turned into an $800,000 profit. That’s why they had to invest a great deal in training and adaptation of equipment and systems.

This was only the beginning of what it means to continue offering the best quality of work. Today, AMZ Automation Australia has offices in two continents and revenues of $200,000 per week. Its customers come from all over the world and its recognition continues to grow. So, Cannard and his team continue to take time to improve, and his team now numbers 30 people specializing in e-commerce.

Being able to continue to offer quality work is what will keep this company on its path of expansion. Something that has generated an unusual interest rate, but that shows what other companies are willing to do to have AMZ’s services.

Strategic Alliances

We said at the beginning that one of the consequences when a company is successful thanks to its quality, is that it grows, something that undoubtedly already happened to Cannard is that other companies from different sectors require its participation or alliance with it.  Today, it is very common that alliances are made using shares, and this is what AMZ Automation offers.

The capacity to create contacts has made them obtain the participation of up to 20% in different businesses. They only have to put their experience in marketing and e-commerce management. This is much better than getting paid for a service, as, in the end, they will take 20% of the total profit.

There are several types of alliances offered, but Cannard and his team only choose those that are strategic for them. New companies with known personalities that can lead to success in a short time and that are of interest to them are prioritized.

Going from being a two-person company to becoming a multinational with participation in different companies is only possible when you are very good at what you do. Harley Cannard has assembled a team of experts who make it possible for you and your customers to succeed. Opinions expressed here are the opinions of the author. Influencive does not endorse or review brands mentioned; does not and can not investigate relationships with brands, products, and people mentioned and is up to the author to disclose. VIP Contributors and Contributors, amongst other accounts and articles, are professional fee-based.