How to Take Your Fitness Routine to the Next Level

Making it to the gym every day is a challenging routine for most people to commit to. You have a busy schedule and barely get everything done each day. So if you are going to work out, you need a piece of exercise equipment that you can use in the few minutes of downtime you have at home. 

Best Investment You Can Make In Home Exercise Equipment

If you are looking for a piece of exercise equipment for your home that will work out and tone your whole body, takes up very little space, and is reasonably priced, then the Gorilla Bow is for you. You will love the results you can get with Gorilla fitness

The Gorilla Bow comes in three different forms and with a variety of options in resistance bands. The Gorilla Bow looks very similar to a Bow when it is fully assembled. The string can be changed to offer several different levels of resistance—their website list several different ways to use the Gorilla Bow to tone your whole body.

How Will You Work Out On The Road?

If part of your busy life includes travel, you will want to purchase Gorilla Bow Travel. This version of the Gorilla Bow only weighs 6lbs and will break down into three parts to efficiently feet in a bookbag or any other bag. Making it ideal for any person that has to travel a lot by car or plane. 

Owning a Gorilla Bow Travel will mean that you will never have to miss another workout. It also means that you can work out anywhere you want. If you’re going to do your full-body workout on the beach or the top of a mountain, you can. It is entirely up to you. This is a whole new level of freedom.

  • Lying Bench Press

You will start this exercise by laying down and placing the resistance band behind your back and the bow across your chest. Then taking your hands to grab the bow, extend your arms in the air. This will mimic the effects of doing a bench press with free weights. This is going to tone your arms and chest. 

  • Curls

To start this exercise, you should be standing. Place the resistance band under your feet. Place the bow in both of your hands and place your elbows by your side. Then raise the bow towards your core. This will mimic doing curls with free weights. This will tone your arms.

  • Squats

To start this exercise, place the resistance band under your feet. Take the bowl and place it behind head-on onto your shoulders. Position yourself like you would if you were about to squat with free weights and use the same motion. This will tone your legs and glutes.

  • Push-Up

This exercise will be done in the same form as any other push-up. You will place the bow under your hands and have the resistance band across your back. This will add resistance to the push-up and give you a more intense workout in your arms. 

Gorilla Bow + You = Dream Body

It is time to invest in yourself. You deserve to have a way to work out every day and reach your health goals. This one piece of equipment can help you to achieve that goal. Order a Gorilla Bow today so that you can start the journey to attain your dream physique. The sooner you place your order, the sooner you reach your goal. 

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