How Travel Made a Digipreneur Bhavin Bhavsar the Founder of STM Community?

It was 2016, when a full time entrepreneur or Digipreneur as he likes to call himself, Bhavin realised that he needed to do something more about his passion for traveling solo rather than just exploring different countries around the globe by himself. Also knowing many people who were interested in similar travel adventures but found more excuses than reasons to step out on journeys, Bhavin decided to create a platform wherein people would come up and share their experiences while traveling solo and in turn motivate others and give them the much needed push to come out of their comfort zones.

The Solo Travellers Meet Community, also known as STM Community has its headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and has completed 5 successful years thereby bringing on the same platform solo travellers and adventurers from all across the globe. These people meet at different locations through trips organised by Bhavin and a few members who are his associates and a part of the STM Community.

Travellers from around the world gather at these locations, explore the cities and at the end of the day share their travel stories and experiences with fellow travellers. This activity not only helps new travellers get a piece of the avid travellers’ experience but also a quick peek into the different cultures from which the travellers hail and a window into what the unexplored world holds for them.

Bhavin’s idea of travel surpasses the regular tourism and leisure that many people look forward to. When he talks about Solo Travel and what drove him to work on the as a project and form the Solo Travel Community, there is a sparkle in his eye. Travel, he says, heals a soul like nothing else. Be it anger, frustration, hurt, stress or any other worry of the world, the best way to remove it all from your system is to pack your bags, tie your laces and leave.

Plus, travelling Solo makes you self dependent and more open to experiences that you cannot accumulate being a tourist. Travelling Solo not only makes you independent and fearless but also makes you susceptible to knowing that how dynamic the world is and how little of it we actually know. Overcoming fears and challenges is just one small lesson that is learnt among many others when one travels solo. and the people who are a part of the community vouch by this.

Among the numerous trips that the members of the community have been a part of throughout these years, some key destinations worth mentioning are Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, White Rann of Kutchh, Udaipur, Rajpura, Kumbhalgarh, and Goa. The Solo travellers gather at these locations and explore the cities together or by themselves and share their amazing experiences with each other as well as on their travel website and blog which features travellers and their experiences every month.

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