How TrepCamp Can Change Your Life Through the Entrepreneurial Simulator Program

While entrepreneurship is challenging in every way, doing it without knowledge about how or where to start is even more complex. Therefore, having previous training, which not only helps you in the orientation of ideas but also directs each process necessary to achieve the launch of any project is elementary. This is precisely the mission that TrepCamp Entrepreneurial Simulator 2021 has set itself.

TrepCamp consists of a program developed with the aim of training potential entrepreneurs around the world, to carry out projects at high levels. This, through guidance and training by experts, professionals and talented leaders who have given a transformation in society through their ventures.

Although each year has been increasingly innovative, the TrepCamp programs have been executed for more than 7 years. It was created in 2013, with the clear objective of contributing to the formation of young entrepreneurs with vision and ambition. This, in the quest to increase their potential and that each of the ideas has greater value.

Every year, the program is dedicated to the training and learning of numerous groups of students in more than 30 countries around the world. Exposed to different entrepreneurial scenarios, they have the possibility to discover the competencies and skills that define them in this field and develop them favorably to build their path to business success.

In 2019 I had the opportunity to be selected to participate in TrepCamp among more than 30,000 applicants from all over the world, so I experienced the program in first person and I consider it very enriching and worth being part of this incredible community. I have traveled to Silicon Valley and learned a lot at the University of California at Berkeley, visited a lot of companies like Facebook, Google, Tesla, Cisco, where we have also talked and learned a lot through many expert entrepreneurs and top-level executives.

Preparation is the Key

An entrepreneur requires many aspects in the process of carrying out his project. One of the most essential is preparation and knowledge. Having the opportunity to develop training programs like TrepCamp, allows you to acquire the theoretical and practical tools necessary to become a high impact entrepreneur.

It is not only a question of will but also of skill and mentality. The combination of these three elements will develop greater stability to know how to execute your idea successfully.

The TrepCamp program lasts 7 to 8 weeks, within which students, based on an Entrepreneurial Skills Model, can learn the most important steps to bring innovative solutions to society through their ventures. 

In other words, it is about executing ideas with value and sense, which are useful in a global environment. That is why the program generates versatile situations in which future leaders will have the opportunity to develop and, thus, discover how to contribute from their ideas, a favorable change.

Entrepreneurship is the Key to Transformation

A business, or project, should not only focus on offering a product or service, it is a project that brings innovation, but above all, transformation in society. Seen in this way, the commitment and responsibility of entrepreneurs must be even more aware that their idea can generate a change or give solutions to a global problem, focusing on the preparation and formation of high impact ideas is indispensable.

This is where TrepCamp has focused its efforts on the development of the program. The intention is that students have the ability to prepare for various scenarios and, from their ideas contribute to a positive transformation of society.

The Entrepreneurial Simulator gives entrepreneurs from all over the world the tools, guidance and accompaniment needed for 8 weeks, in order to start the foundation for their new company.

In this context, always thinking about the future and with the clear objective of maintaining constant innovation as the main element, TrepCamp has prepared its training modalities for the year 2021:


Within this training system, the program includes 8 weeks of preparation for those who wish to start their lives as entrepreneurs. The content of this modality is designed to contribute to the formation of skills, knowledge and mentality of an entrepreneur from the beginning.

One of the main characteristics of this modality is that it is totally online.


Also with a duration of 8 weeks. In this modality, besides the theoretical and practical training, students have the possibility of sharing with aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world, during a 1-week meeting.


Over the course of 7 weeks, students have the opportunity to acquire theoretical skills through online training for four weeks and then live a three-week experience in the business ecosystem.

Each of these modalities has great benefits for strengthening the potential of future entrepreneurs. Making a difference with your business idea will only depend on how focused and determined you are to achieve results and transform the path.

Would you like to learn more and apply to TrepCamp Entrepreneurial Simulator? Visit the official website here!

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