I Feel Delighted When People Say I Inspire Them : Maria Slusnyte – Miss Europe World 2017

Maria was crowned Miss Europe World in 2017. She lived her dreams, she is the real example of dreams come true.

Born and brought up in a small town called Kaunas in Lithuania the little girl always dreamt to become a model or win beauty pageants. When she was crowned Miss Europe World she could not believe it for a moment that she was living her dream with open eyes but of course she worked hard for it.

At last you are the one who will be there for you.

Her parents did not support her, she struggled a lot in her young age and she very well knows nothing comes easy. You have to pay for it and work hard.

At the young age she was struggling to manage it all together, modelling, studies, family, friends. It was hard to keep balance. But as a result she is now mentally and emotionally so strong she can now handle anything by herself.

Living a different life.

Every coin has two sides, obviously it was wonderful and delighting what she experienced after winning the crown.

Meeting people from different parts of the world having different opinions and all the beautiful ladies around the world , she was glad to experience all of this. But what was unexpected was to be on fleek. Even traveling two to three times a week she must look flawless and to flash her beautiful smile. It was tiring but she could not show it on her face.

Professionally the title of Miss Europe World surely gave her many top class opportunities.

Inspiring people.

In the world of social media , she has a large fan base. Upon asking her if she considers herself as an influencer she replied that she never saw herself as one. She is a fitness freak and when people say by looking at her they want to get healthier she feels delighted. It’s the best compliment for her. It’s always good that someone changes themselves for the better by looking at you and getting inspired from you.

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