iAmMoneyMoves Gives 3 Tips to Success for Independent Artists

American entrepreneur and all-around money-making machine Norman Bechtel, known as iAmMoneyMoves, pours his passion for music into helping artists feel empowered and reach critical success. He has helped many indie hip-hop artists go from unknown to unforgettable through his directing, writing, production, photography, and brand imaging prowess.

Artists like CardiB, DaBaby, Moneybagg Yo, Meek Mill, Mariahlynn, and Yo Gotti trust him to create powerful imagery that displays their brand in ways that their fans want to see. With his powerful connections in the music industry, he chose to put the camera down and start helping young artists find their light and break into the music industry. He has built a robust network of artists and entertainers, and his connections are the gold that helps him keep on making money moves.  His coined phrase, “If you’re not making money moves, you’re not movin’ at all,” drives his music management business and shows the energy it takes for independent artists to hit it big. He has some great advice for artists who want to grow their audience and start making more significant moves toward their stardom goals.

Go live on social media.

Your fans want to see you, BE ACTIVE, you must be present to be seen. Show up on social media and go live for your fans, post pictures, videos and stay active in your story. They want to support you, they want to see you, they want that personal connection, but they must be able to find you to give you support. Show them you care, show them you are there. Create a social media brand and schedule that you use that works for your interactions, schedule a time to go live let your audience know when you go live to get the most engagement on your live.  Whether it’s a music review session, in the studio, some freestyling, or just hanging out with you in an ask me anything session. You have to show up on social media and live to connect with your audience.

Keep creating content.

Creating new content is the only way to grow. If you are not creating, you are slowly headed toward destruction. Listen to your fans, not just what they say but also how they interact with your online content. If you see a ton of people adding hearts to one post, that is the type of content your fans crave. So, make more of what they love and keep serving your fans with new content to get them to give back. Reaching the top means you’ll need your fans’ help, and you will need to grow and build a solid relationship and a core fan base. Giving them the music they crave along with music videos and content, makes your fan base stronger.

Invest in yourself.

As a musician, you are the number one asset in your business. You are who your fans clamor to see. Your success feeds your fans. Your failures hurt them as they hang on to you. If you want to keep growing as an artist, you have to put yourself first and be willing to invest in your career development. Whether that be through hiring a social media manager, artist development, paying for ad placement on YouTube, getting listed on Spotify, or even getting in the news articles all of it is inventing in yourself and marketing. Every single and video should have a marketing budget behind it and it will all depend on the artist for the amount or how hard they want to push hire someone to put a plan together for you they work with artists everyday and see what helps artists grow and what brings in the views and streams. Your audience wants tot see you succeed and when you are succeeding your fans push harder for you. You have to spend money to make money.  Invest in yourself!!

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