How to Identify Negative People Holding You Back from Success

Have you ever been around someone for a few minutes only to feel exhausted afterward? You didn’t realize why, but something about them made you less excited about life, your purpose or business. Or maybe you were around someone and experienced an influx of positive energy and simply felt better, more excited and inspired. In this post, I’ll share how to identify two types of people, and why your ability to recognize them and strategically choose who you spend your time around can have the highest impact on the results you experience in your life.

Energy Drainers

We all know the energy drainers—actually, that’s too nice of a word. They’re vampires, sucking out every ounce of our energy, using negative language and seeing the glass half full. These are the complainers, the victims, the pissed off people who simply walk around with a ‘woe is me’ attitude. I don’t know about you, but years ago on my path of growth, I decided I would no longer entertain these people.

Here’s how to identify energy drainers in your life:

They Use Weak Language 

 Ask them how they’re doing and it’s going to be a complaint, or at best—‘Okay.’

You Feel More Tired Being Around Them

Out of nowhere, your state gets worse and you slump down and get sucked into their low energy.

They Complain About Everything

Drumpf, money, the weather—drainers are complainers.

They Don’t Listen to You

These people want to be heard, but rarely listen—especially if you’re speaking positively.

They Focus on What Doesn’t Work

Even when there’s a win, they’ll focus on what’s missing.

Energy Chargers

Energy chargers are those people that instantly lift your mindset as well as your physical and emotional energy. It’s the people who you feel most alive and inspired by. These are people you simply can’t wait to see again.

Here’s how to identify energy chargers in your life:

They Lift You Up

Simply by being around them, you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. 

They open your world.

Energy chargers think anything is possible, and this infectious energy transfers to your own mindset. You lose track of time and get into flow. With energy chargers, a 45-minute conversation can seem like five minutes because you’re in a flow state.

You Feel Present with Them

You feel connected, present in the moment, and you’re not worried about trivial tasks you have to do later. You’re fully there.

They Give Without Expectation

These people connect you to others, support your mission and have an abundance mentality.

Take Inventory

Put this to practice today, and simply became aware and take inventory. For every interaction you have, whether it’s in person, online, through text or in between, see how they make you feel and how your emotional states change before and after. It only takes one negative person in your life to knock you off course, and your environment in life either becomes your catalyst to your dreams, or the anchor to your stagnation. If you’re truly committed to your vision, you’ll spend time with people who support you and take you to new heights while doing the same for them.

Ultimately, it’s your choice, and then the question becomes:

Which are you choosing?

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