If the Government Gives Me a Chance, Then I Can Save This Global Epidemic With the Knowledge of Vedic Science – Dr. Ajay Magan

The International Cosmic Healer has approached the Central Government. While hospitals are not getting beds for patients, there is a shortage of oxygen cylinders, there is an atmosphere of despair, fear and sorrow everywhere, on the other hand, Dr. Ajay Magan has the power to spread a new ray of hope.

The research done by him on the oldest Vedic sciences has a very simple and accurate way of avoiding this COVID-19 epidemic. He told that he has cured 4260 patients free of cost by visiting several places. Every day, 60 to 70 patients come to him and every patient heals in 3 to 4 days. He has dedicated his whole life to the work of this service. The biggest thing is that he does not want to make any money through it.

He claims that if the government can build small healing centers in every city where people can come and balance their energies, then the new patient will not be coming. Dr. Ajay Magan, the inventor of many types of technology and cosmic gadgets, told that he has built a special type of pyramid.

In which healing waves and light also come out. In front of which if a person sits for even 30 minutes, then the immunity of the disease increases manifold. In the same way, if the aura of every person is strong and the chakras of the body are balanced, then no disease will arise in the human body.

It says that all the AIMS hospitals in the country are open, they should get the Healing Centers based on Vedic science with immediate effect. The cost of a healing center will be only 10 lakh rupees, which can be started in a week. In this way, the disease spreading in the society can be eradicated.

He also said that one of his special programs should be conducted daily through television. Through which he can teach the public how to heal themselves by breathing, fragrance, soil, thoughts, words, water and energy. This will become an effective method of human welfare.

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