In Discussion With Entrepreneur | Motivator Karan Abbott About Dogs, Rescue & Charity.

Karan Abbott is an Entrepreneur based out of London, Dubai and Delhi. He’s into collecting super cars and he has got a garage full of exotics in UK. He is the founder of several different companies In the field of real estate finance and development, commodities, FX trading, export of Agro food products and logistics.

When we asked him what make dogs different from the other pet animals he responded,

Karan : What make dogs remarkable is not their smarts, but their capacity to form affectionate relationships with other species — in short, to love.

Totally agreed with you on this one karan tell me and our readers that how can we measure a dog’s love, is it possible ?

Karan – We can measure whether a dog chooses to go for a bowl of food or its owner when it’s separated from both food and its owner for many hours. We can measure how hormonal levels go up in both dogs and their owners when they look into each other’s eyes.

At the end of the day, an overarching, multidimensional phenomenon like love has to be broken down into small, measurable pieces. But I think if one were to just do science on the small, measurable pieces and resist the attempt to synthesize all those observations into a picture, that would be a disservice.

That’s True, Karan What kind of dogs do you have? What is their name? How old are they?

Karan – I Have adopted an abandoned Siberian husky last year and named her Myra. She was very ill so I rescued her got her treated and now she’s part of my daily life. I also have a pug Casper from London. And I have adopted a stray dog in Delhi and have named her Julie who now stays with Casper and Myra the husky

I remember when I called you about this interview you mentioned something about Rescue and Charity, What is that ?

Karan : Yeah by the terms “Rescue & Charity” I meant I have recently Started an animal shelter in Gurgaon where we have Adopted over 250 stray dogs and have organised shelter and food for them including vaccinations and looking after because I believe no dog should sleep hungry at night just like us humans.

That is amazing Karan you’re really doing something most of these people won’t even think about and you’re giving your time to it too great! Let’s wrap things up lastly I would like to ask you what are your future plans or any upcoming projects ??

Karan  – Glad that you asked about new projects. I am in the final stages of launching organic pet food for dogs 🐕 and all the proceeds will be used to rehouse stray and a abandoned dogs in Delhi and NCR.

Thank you so much karan for giving your time and had so fun interviewing you we’re wishing you luck for your upcoming projects.

You can catch through his daily life by following him up on his Instagram

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