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Innovative Human Relations Expert Kelly Kubicek, Fulcrum HR Consulting CEO, On Improving the Industry

Over the last 13 years, Kelly Kubicek has worked hard to update and innovate the best practices in the HR world. The CEO of Fulcrum HR Consulting has a deep love for her people-centered field and has worked hard to put forward new ideas about friendliness, transparency, inclusivity, and diversity. 

“After all,” she said, “Shouldn’t a human relations department be there to help you, support you, and be open and honest in all their dealings?”

Her words make perfect sense, but unfortunately, over many decades in corporate America, the idea of human relations seemed to lose the ‘human’ aspect. HR departments had become places that people feared, offices where every word spoken seemed to be masked by subtext and ominously vague statements about performance and bottom lines. 

Kubicek wants to sweep the cobwebs out of these corners of her industry and do away with the stereotypically poker-faced HR workers. In her own consulting work, which has recently shifted from public sector-focused to private company contracts, she pushes transparency, accountability, and open doors and discourse between HR and every staff member in a company.

Her human-first approach has catapulted Kubicek to the top of mind when people think of HR thought leaders and top-level consultants. She pushes an agenda of understanding and empathy in her industry and also encourages employees to be self-accountable instead of waiting to be penalized by a human relations department. 

Her unique perspective, paired with incredible organizational and innovative approaches, has made her a top choice for companies looking to overhaul their HR departments. After working with her, most companies report becoming more effective and efficient while also being able to hire and retain the industry’s best talent. 

These combined strengths and offerings allow Fulcrum HR Consulting to enable its clients to outperform the competition and enjoy increased ROI. In addition to consulting, Kubicek and her team can help with training, development, outsourcing, and more.

The results from working with Fulcrum are often time-saving, an uptick in productivity, better employee retention, results-oriented recruiting, and more. 

Journey to the Top

When we look at Kubicek today, we see a top-level HR expert with a wealth of credits to her name. But, what we can’t see, might surprise us. 

The HR consulting superstar has struggled with cancer and has been quietly battling illness while still keeping her long roster of clients happy and productive. 

Diagnosed with cancer, Kubicek struggled through surgery to remove a tumor that was deemed malignant. Following that, she endured many weeks of twice-weekly chemotherapy that left her feeling ill and exhausted. But she never let it get her down. 

Today, she shares this story as an example of why she is involved with HR and why the industry is still desperately in need of further changes and updates. 

“You never know what someone else is going through, so treat them with care, respect, and an open mind,” she said of her empathy-first approach to human resources. 

Despite her personal struggles, Kubicek’s star is still rising. She recently caught the eye of the Forbes Council, a powerful network of industry leaders that come together to share knowledge and collaborate. Involving successful founders, innovative entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives from a variety of industries, she was thrilled to be asked to join the invite-only council. In her short tenure with them, she quickly published five articles on HR-related topics close to her heart. 

Thoughts to Takeaway

When asked what lessons she most wants her clients to take on board,

“Developing, nurturing, and believing in the people you hire. The employee-employer relationship should be modeled on the other relationships in your life. If you are not treating employees with the same empathy you might show to others outside of work, it’s probably time to rethink your approach,” she said. 

With her people-first and empathy-forward approach to recruiting and retaining employees, we look forward to how this influential thought leader continues to shift the HR industry for the better. 

About Kelly Kubicek

Kelly Kubicek, CEO of Fulcrum HR Consulting, is on a mission to make HR more transparent. Fulcrum HR Consulting boasts vast HR experience, including accomplishments such as consolidating the entirety of over 9000 Nebraska state employees in one system in under 12 months and extensive work in Human Capital efforts. To discover how to uplevel your HR Process visit 

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