Insights From the Pandemic – Zo Valentine

Strategist and newly found author Zo Valentine is looking to add more than just titles to his name. His newfound mission is to be a bridge of communication between companies and his Los Angeles audience. Zo Valentine’s book 27 Seconds Leap And Boom gives practical insight on recognizing your superpower and the power of self as it relates to consistency. Encouraging people to be more willing to bridge the gap between introspection and profitability.

As it stands, COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown caused 114 million people to lose their jobs over 2020. It has left both companies and people in chaos. With so much time misplaced due to the change in lifestyle Zo Valentine believes that the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter than the dark phases of 2020. Although the road ahead will be difficult, adapting to the new language of relatability will be the key to the global rebrand of people and businesses alike. Below are some pointers from Zo Valentine on how to be profitable post pandemic.

Be more receptive than ever

“Businesses will need to be more in tune with a different culture of content and messaging. The current culture of creators will need to break out of their shells and show how useful their knowledge of audience can be. Be available, be visible, and be prepared with content and communication strategies.”  A new synergy is underway, and the prepared will have a much easier road to being profitable while the economy is recovering.

Adapt to the new Tune

“It’s time for corporations to realize that the products and services designed for the people are only powerful when accepted and pushed by the people. The difficulty this pandemic has created will force businesses to communicate more in depth with their target audience during times where saving money is almost a global priority for people.”

Be Emotional

There’s no question that we’re living in sensitive times. This puts tons of pressure on business owners and creators. The facts of the matter are businesses still have to communicate with their audience while creators still have to make content. So, what’s the solution?

“Being profitable during these times requires the one tool that’s been buried underneath finance reports, ROI’s, conversion rates, etc. From chief executive officers to frontline employees, we all need to understand the power of being human. Creators must do the same”

But how does a business just decide to understand their audience in depth, it’s easier said than done. “This is where communication between smaller scale Intune creators and bigger businesses can finally eat lunch at the same table. Businesses and creators have to work together to ensure that content isn’t violating any underlying principles that could trigger a societal domino effect. Unfortunately, most times the inhouse corporate team lacks the insight to understand the culture of business.”

A bright 2021 is here and the dark yesterdays were a learning experience we’ll all benefit from. The Leap And Boom is underway. You can find out more about Zo Valentine or his book here.

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