Instagram Automation Tools to Grow Your Following in 2021

If you’re dedicated to creating content for your Instagram and growing your follower base then it’s highly likely that you will have researched the best Instagram automation tools to help you succeed.

Creating unique content is time-consuming and worth it, if you want to build a genuine audience however I understand that managing an Instagram account isn’t fast and easy without a little help.

There are dangerous sides to automation and some very helpful. In this article, we will explore both the negatives and positives, hopefully, to guide you down the right path to Instagram Automation success!

Before we begin, let’s review what Instagram Automation actually is and why it exists.

What is this Instagram Automation all About?

When you automate something you have to systemize it first. Systemizing is not the same as automation. When you systemize a process or actions you organize and structure the many tasks required to achieve a goal. Automation should allow you to run those tasks without having to touch or do anything.

One of the most common examples of automation is support chat bots, you must have come across one of these at least once in your life time. You start typing in your question, hoping for a helpful answer but you’re greeted by an automated bot that spits out a series of pre-generated answers. It’s not a fun experience.

Systemization can be extremely helpful when trying to achieve more and automation can help too, however, automation has it’s dark sides because there are just some things that shouldn’t be automated.

The Dark Side of Instagram Automation

Automation is all around us in the modern world we live in. You can’t really escape it, sometimes it’s useful, sometimes is a real pain in the arm.

We breathe automatically, our engines run automatically when you turn them on, the clocks on the wall and the fridge automatically keeps the temperature cool. Most of these things are fantastic but when it comes to interactions with real humans, sometimes automation fails us.

The same can easily be said for Instagram Automation because real people like to interact with real people, not robots.

The darkest side of Instagram Automation is the fake followers, fake likes and fake activity generated by automated tools that behave like robots are expected to do, robotically, with no soul.

It’s easy to spot an Instagram account that has been run by a robot, the followers don’t engage, the comments don’t make sense and there’s no genuine human interaction.

Why People Succeed Using Instagram Automation Tools

We know there is a real dark side to automated tools for Instagram, so why do people do it? Can automated tools be used in a good way? The short answer is yes.

On the face of it, it’s easy to see why the dark side of automation is attractive. For a nominal fee per month you are promised that all the things that you normally have to do manually are taken care of. For example, finding and liking posts on other accounts or following unfollowing.

There are also a good number of case studies where many people have grown their accounts with huge amounts of followers. Just because an account has a huge following, doesn’t mean the owner is able to generate an income or get any real engagement and the accounts that do have genuine engagement and can make money, also have fantastic content, use the right hashtags, follow trends, use all the Instagram features and used automation to help boost their activities a bit further.

The point is, you still need to do the hard work which automation just can’t do for you.

I Still Want to Automate My Instagram, What Should I Do? What Should I Avoid?

You want to save time and get more results from your efforts, I get that, I do. When it comes to automating tasks, there are things that take up a lot of time and planning that can be automated effectively.

Creating content and posting is a very time-consuming task and also requires dedicated time to plan and post. There are some great tools out there to help you create high-quality videos, faster and easier. There are also very useful Instagram Post Planning Tools that will save you time. These tools will help you automate your production and make sure that you get your content posted at the right times.

Another time-consuming task is researching, saving and posting hashtags for your Instagram posts. You can build countless spreadsheets or you can use a tool that helps automate this laborious task for you. Developing your hashtag strategy is a proven way of growing your Instagram followers and engagement to a higher level compared to posts without hashtags.

Instagram Automation can also extend to receiving automated notifications about trending news stories, fresh new content and information that your followers would be interested in that you can create content for. Automation tools that provide you with these features allow you to stay ahead of the curve and always relevant.

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