Instructions For Students Returning To University After Semester Break

Suppose you go to university after semester break and your teacher insults you for not following the guidelines that were published on a website for preparing students for next semester classes. 

Surely, it will be an embarrassing situation for you. In this article, you will find the guide to follow for rejoining university after COVID19 and semester break. Considering the COVID19 announcement by the Uk government in April, you should follow the roadmap given on the website. After 17th may in-person teaching and learning can be resumed for the students.

Students who were not informed to join the campus physically should continue with online classes until they are asked to join campus. But few of the students are exempted due to accessibility to study space or mental health reasons.

Moreover, many universities are offering special student discounts to help students financially cope up with the situation. According to the road map issued by the government. The left students will be allowed on campus from 17th May. Till then they should continue online classes.

After university confirmation about rejoining the campus, you should travel by following safer travel guidance in private or public transport to reduce the risk of spreading the virus as this virus is highly contagious.

Apart from the above students seeking self-storage for Brighton accommodation may contact the campus help centre for guidance. Travel Guidance contains the many precautionary instructions which are discussed in detail below.

Avoid busy timings and routes while travelling. If possible, do walking and cycling whenever it’s convenient. You should sanitize frequently if you are travelling by public transport.  Moreover, you should wear a face mask and practice social distancing.

If you don’t follow guidelines and don’t wear a face mask in public transport then you may be fined a minimum of 200 pounds.

You should strictly avoid travelling with an outsider while sharing your car. Moreover, when you open windows, wear face masks unless exempted and leave seats free following the social distancing.

Students are advised to test before travelling back to the university through the local community testing program. Few universities in Uk are offering special student discounts to encourage students to follow SOPs and go through the tests.

After reaching campus, you should test yourself 3 days apart and then twice a week. You may use an on-site facility or even home test kits. The university usually guides about how and where to access asymptomatic testing.

If you are going to be tested with a lateral flow device on site then you should consider the safety measures first to ensure that the virus is not transmitted, if you are tested positive. While waiting for test results you should not communicate with any other student to avoid virus transmission. Results take a minimum of 30 minutes to come.

Students who are not suffering from covid19 according to reports should follow national restrictions as they were following previously otherwise they could be also disqualified from special student discounts offered by universities. 

God forbid if you are tested positive then you will have to go in quarantine. Moreover, you should take the PCR test following the previous LFD test result at the earliest.

In case you receive a negative result in the PCR test then it’s time not to be dread anymore.. you may stop self-isolation now. Self-isolation should only be continued if the PCR test result is positive, or the student did not appear for the PCR test and if the test result is negative but it was taken after 2 weeks of the LFD test.

If you were tested within 90 days with positive results then definitely you may have developed immunity. If you have positive test results within 90 days through the NHS test and recorded as a positive case then you should not test again yourself, if you are asymptomatic. But you will have to isolate yourself if a close contact, maybe your family or friend, is tested positive within 90 days of tenure.

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