Interior decorator Desiree Busnelli: It’s been an amazing journey, from my association with B&B Italia to establishing Jechijo Bespoke Design

From being a nurse to a luxury lifestyle, and decor consultant, Desiree’s eye for fine luxury and design never left sight. Here’s a sneak peek into her journey from traveling around the world for collaborations with renowned designers, and to launching her own company.

Doing what she loves

It certainly was a pursuit of happiness for Desiree Busnelli, as she overcame one challenge after another, but never gave up. Busnelli battled a life-changing stomach surgery in 2007, which left her in a body cast for over four months. Determined to be resilient, she made this a turning point in her life and chose to pursue her dreams of becoming a luxury consultant finally.

As she dived into designing, Desiree already had experience in real estate and knew that this would help her progress. “As children, we were five girls, and I was the oldest daughter. As I grew, I was fascinated with exquisite things. My grandma, Kathleen Leavitt, who also was an interior designer, would take me along to her showroom in Bellevue, Washington. At just ten years old, I was awestruck with the luxury street of dreams, and simple things like elegant, modern bathroom setups. This interest to explore opulence stayed and grew as I traveled more and developed a worldly sense of culture.”

 Never, say never

If being an entrepreneur is tough, being a woman entrepreneur is double the challenge. Being a ‘stay at home mom,’ and juggling responsibilities, Desiree made sure to embrace all the roles before her. Working alongside the elite CEO, Emanuele Busnelli, and his team of B&B Italia over the last decade, Desiree was able to nourish her passion for fine aesthetics and charming decor. “After years of persistence, I developed the expertise required for chic and contemporary designing. I strongly believe that nothing happens overnight, and it takes eight to ten years of hard work if you are aiming at becoming the best.”

B&B Italia went over to design sophisticated hotels around the world. And soon, Busnelli independently founded the JECHIJO Bespoke Design Company in the suburbs of Milan, Italy.

“If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down and march towards your dreams. It is very important that you enjoy and love what you do every day. I’m a realist, and I constantly ask myself if what I’m doing makes me feel good and if I can do it every day. What keeps me going is to try and make people happy by creating a positive space – either by knocking down dormant walls or by building vibrant new walls.

The world could possibly never get enough of inspiring women like Desiree Busnelli, who have followed their dreams. Despite being a high-end lifestyle consultant, Desiree is rooted and does her best for the community. Through her charitable collaborations with organizations like Miracle Babies, Voss World, and similar, she is a constant source of hope and positivity.

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